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Marriage proposal inside the cage, Weaver victorious, Kage Wars Promotion successful in first show

Rick Piel
30 January 2013
Marriage proposal inside the cage, Weaver victorious, Kage W...

Kage Wars made their debut opening and started off of the new company Kage Wars Promotions, LLC; with a small show in Panama City, Fla., Jan. 26 The show held at the Bay Banquet Hall across from Anytime Fitness, one of the main sponsos for the show. was headlined by two incredible practioners of mixed martial arts: Brok Weaver and Brandon Jenkins.

Weaver, who is well know across the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and even in Mississippi held a record 16-7 before going into the fight.  Weaver is from Port City MMA (Mobile, AL)  and he had his hands full with fan favorite Jenkins, (24-12), IND. This fight was in the works for several years and Weaver came to settle things once and for all, which was evident at the weigh-ins as Weaver and Jenkins had to be separated during the face-off’s as neither would back down.  

At the bell indicating the start of their fight, Jenkins came out charging with Weaver quickly backing up to the cage wall. Once Weaver felt the wall, he started swinging and clocked Jenkins knocking him quickly to the ground.

Jenkins popped up and the slug fest ensued lasting 20 or more seconds. Jenkins continued to charge while Weaver kept his hands up looking for opportunities to sneak in the jab. At 33 seconds of the first round Jenkins went down a second time, Referee Josh Rutgers quickly stepped in and started the 8 count. Jenkins held up his hands to tell  Rutgers he was fine and then the referee allowed the action to continue.

Jenkins came out with two quick straight leg kicks, backing Weaver up against the cage again. Weaver went in, put the under hooks in eventually picking up Jenkins turning and body slamming him to the mat. Weaver went for side mount and Jenkins held his own. Rutgers broke it up once more and stood the fighters back up.

During the next few minutes Jenkins took several straight jabs to the face and continued to hold his own nearing the end of round one. The fight eventually went on to the third round and ultimately was awarded in the favor of Weaver.

As a result, Weaver becomes the very first Kage Wars 155 lbs champion. Weaver also won: Kage Wars Fight of the Night.

Another notable fight of the evening was Vanessa Smith of Panama City taking on Wetumpka, Alabama's Brianna Smith. When the bell rang, Vanessa came out like a shot gun going on the attack immediately backing up Brianna to one corner. Brianna sunk in the head lock while Vanessa pounded the side of Brianna. Vanessa eventually pulled out, shoving Brianna to the ground. Vanessa charged and Brianna was so stunned she could not get up she just bent over, not even covering up while Vanessa pounded her side, arms and back until the referee jumped to give Brianna the 8 count. When a time out was called to scold Vanessa for a few hits to the spine and back of the head, Vanessa went to her corner. Brianna could not return and the referee stopped the fight giving the win to Vanessa. 

Immediately following the evening's first fight, after Bryan Piccalo beat Dustin Rainer in the second round via TKO, Piccalo was asked by the ring announcer if he had anything to say. Piccalo took the microphone and asked his girl friend to enter the cage. Piccalo loweded down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage…..She said YES.

Kage Wars also held some of the first San Shou matches ever in Panama City. San Shou is a combination of Kickboxing, throws and takedowns. Opponents get points for take downs and throws and once down the referee steps in and stands the combatants back up and it starts all over again.

The USCS Knock Out of the Night went to Cameron Graham when he knocked out Johnathon Clark in round one of their contest.  The USCS Submission of the Night went to Stan Rousnelous for stepping up and taking on two opponents, defeating both;  one by triangle choke in the first round and rear naked choke in the first round of his second match. 

New promoter, Darouse exploded out of the gates with a very successful event. His next card include possibly doing a show during Spring Break in Panama City. Darouse is currently ironing out the location right now. His goal is to do a show every 8-10 weeks. 

USCS along with their friends at Alabama MMA will be on the scene first hand and be a part of the show. We will bring you all the action as it happens so get on board.

 Kage Wars – Panama City Beatdown

Submission of the Night - Stan Rousnelous

Knockout of the Night - Cameron Graham

Fight of the Night - Brok Weaver vs. Brandon Jenkins

F1 - Bryan Piccalo vs Dustin Rainer - Piccalo wins by TKO in R2

F2 - Cameron Graham vs Johnathan Clark (San Shou) - Graham wins by KO in R1

F3 - Brianna Smith vs Vanessa Marie - Marie wins by Ref Stoppage in R1

F4 - J J Roberts vs Zack Rainer - Roberts wins by KO in R3

F5 - Stan Rouselous vs Tyler Dew (Grappling) - Rouselous wins by Triangle Choke in R1

F6 - Justin Cooper vs Erimus Mills - Mills wins by TO due to Arm Bar in R1

F7 - James Whitehead vs Stan Rouselous (Grappling) - Rouselous wins by TapOut due to Rear Naked Choke in R1

F8 - Seth Bryan vs Adam Colvin (San Shou)- Bryan wins by Split Decision

F9 - Steve Crawford vs Yonthan Bauman - Bauman wins by TapOut due to Triangle in R1

F10 - Oz Holozier vs Sedric Johnson - Johnson wins by TapOut due to Arm Triangle in R1

F11 - 155lb Title - Brok Weaver vs Brandon Jenkins - Weaver wins by Unanimous Decision

F12 - Jonathan Daily vs Billy Henagen (San Shou) - Henagen wins by Split Decision

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Pictures & Video provided by: Alabama MMA & Piel Photography & Design

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30 January 2013

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