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Championship Fighting Alliance: Luis Palomino Defeats James Warfield in Non-Title Matchup

Oron Larocke Crawford
14 April 2012
Palomino defeats Warfield - US Combat Sports

Although the Championship Fighting Alliance main event between James Warfield and Luis Palomino was ultimately not for the organization's lightweight title following Warfield's inability to make weight, fans did not leave disappointed.

Bragging rights were still on the line after Palomino and Warfield had exchanged verbal jabs mixed with shows of respect in the weeks leading to this fight and the same can be said for the fight itself.

While CFA President Dr. Lazaro C. Fernandez had warned fans not to "blink during this fight", the action was more strategic in nature rather than explosions of violent action.

Shots were fired and landed for both fighters and each seemed to get the better of each other for the first two rounds. The first round went to Warfield who landed more strikes and controlled the action on the mat while the second frame was scored for Palomino who began to get loose and connect with his wide variety of kicks and knees.

In the third frame, and with the hometown crowd firmly behind Palomino, he was able to pull ahead after landing a flying knee to Warfield's midsection that doubled over his opponent. Palomino followed up the strike with a brutal knee into his opponent's face. A takedown at the end of the third for Palomino sealed the win and fighters embraced as soon as the bell rang and paid respect to one other.

After the fight Palomino voiced disappointment that the championship wasn't on the line but also said "that since it was only three rounds that made it more exciting. We didn't have to conserve ourselves for the final rounds."

With the hometown crowd celebrating their rising star, Palomino thanked family and his team mates and coaches at MMA Masters. Warfield was gracious in defeat after the fight giving respect to Palomino and telling the crowd how much he loved Miami which finally drew a positive response from the crowd.

CFA returns to the Bank United Center June 22nd with CFA 07

Photo courtesy Koryne Iaria

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17 April 2012

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