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Controversy Mars Berto vs. Trujillo Championship Fighting Alliance Co-Main Event, Will We See a Rematch?

Oron Larocke Crawford
14 April 2012
Controversy Mars Berto vs. Trujillo Championship Fighting Al...

In the co-main event of Champion Fightingship Alliance's CFA 06 event was a bout between James Edson Berto and Abel Trujillo. Berto is son of UFC veteran Dieuseul Berto and part of the "Fighting Berto's" with all his siblings either training or competing in combat sports.

The co-main event was a highly anticipated matchup that unfortunately will be remembered for the post fight events more than the actual fight. As quickly as the bout began it was over, Trujillo took Berto down and began raining down shots as the final shot landed to the back of the head the ref stepped in and stopped the fight.

Confusion spread throughout the crowd, had the fight been paused for the back of the head shot or was the bout other. When the ref motioned that the fight was over Berto exploded in rage along with his corner. With one corner man jumping on top of the cage and protesting the stoppage in no polite manner.

The crowd rose to a frenzy chanting "Let them Fight." as Berto gave up pleading his case and turned his attention back to the celebrating Trujillo whose teammates had entered the cage. Berto's corner then began to get into the trash talk and a potentially ugly situation was quickly separated by officials.

Berto and team left the cage and as the ring announcer made his way up the steps to announce the decision he had to doge a chair thrown in anger (but not intentionally aimed) by a Berto team member.

The official decision was announced as a verbal submission, the referee stopping the fight when hearing Berto call out in pain. Trujillo agreed with that decision saying in a post fight interview ""He was crying, he said Ow. The referee heard that and stopped the fight"

Dieuseul Berto entered the cage and expressed his exasperation with Champion Fighting Alliance claiming that in two appearances at the Bank United Center Berto's have been mistreated. (Berto lost a decision in his last fight against CFA featherweight champion Luis Palomino.) To a largely booing crowd Dieuseul Berto said ""As of right now it seems like there is something against us here. They robbed us last time they robbed us now. As of right now, whatever has happened is not going to stop us from fighting. "

James Edson Berto returned to the cage and the crowd erupted again in chants of "Let them Fight." The younger Berto took his turn on the microphone and claimed "It is what it is, first I got kneed in the back of the head and then I started getting punched in the back of the head. I started telling the ref "he's hitting me in the back of the head and then the referee stops it."

USCombatSports photographer Koryne Iaria was able to get a shot that clearly shows a strike to the back of the head landing on Berto, however as that strike is landing the referee is already stepping in to end the fight. It was a confusing and unfortunate end and aftermath to a highly anticipated fight.

CEO of CFA Jorge De La Noval entered the cage and announced that he wants to book a rematch for the next CFA card that will take place on June 22nd once again at the Bank United Center. James Edson Berto was not available after the fight for comment on if he will accept.


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14 April 2012

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