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Championship Fighting Alliance: CFA06 Photo Highlights and Play-by-Play Results

Oron Larocke Crawford
14 April 2012
Championship Fighting Alliance: CFA06 Photo Highlights and P...

Championship Fighting Alliance continued their run of exciting shows with elite production with CFA 06 at the Bank United Center in Coral Gables, Florida. The Bank United Center was packed with excited fight fans along with celebrities of the sports world. On hand mingling in the crowd was a who’s who of big name fight talent;  Rashad Evans, Alistair Overeem Melvin Guillard, Eddie Alvarez, Bruce Leroy along with players from the Miami Heat all were in attendance.

A card mixed with veteran fighters and upcoming prospects didn’t fail in bringing a night of exciting fights that had the near capacity crowd on their feet all night long. In only their sixth event Champion Fighting Alliance are well on their way in being best ran promotion in the state of Florida if not the whole south and an upcoming organization to eventually go nationwide. 

Full Results

125 - Jason Somchay vs. Joseph Mercado

These two combatants were originally set to fight each other three years ago in an amateur fight and then again a year later but both times the fights were cancelled due to injury. The two fighters finally got to face each other in the opening bout of the night.

R1 - Both fighters had a small feeling out process before beginning to exchange strikes.  Mercado became the aggressor, landing a high kick against the cage that stunned Somchay momentarily.  After another feeling out period, Mercado pinned Somchay up against the cage and scooped him for a huge slam.  Mercado moved to half guard and began landing shots, then moved to full mount.  Mercado began to unload on Somchay forcing him to turn over, Mercado then postured up and after a few more strikes landed the ref was forced to stop the bout.

Winner by TKO in RD1:  Josh Mercado


135 - John De Jesus vs. Javier Baez

John De Jesus went 5 -0 as an amateur fighter but came into this fight looking for his first professional win after losing his professional debut. Facing him was undefeated (2-0) rising prospect Javier Baez. 

R1 - The two fighters took little time in going to work charging at each other; Baez took De Jesus down immediately and landed with solid punches from guard. The barrage of punches forced De Jesus to turn over and Javier took his back.  De Jesus scrambled to his feet just momentarily before Javier was able to bring him back down. Baez showed dominance on the ground working for submissions, achieving a mounted crucifix and then taking the back of De Jesus.  Baez continued to land solid ground and pound and the first round ended with him doing so.

R2 - De Jesus started the round promisingly landing a superman punch but a driving double leg by Baez brought the action back to the mat.  Baez continues to show slick guard passing and ground and pound. De Jesus continually attempted to get back to his feet but Baez was determined to keep him on his back.  Baez stayed in dominant position on the ground for the rest of the round.

R3 - Another superman punch to open the round by De Jesus was ducked under by Baez and De Jesus found himself driven to the mat.  De Jesus   looked for a kimura that Baez was able to get out of and locked on an arm bar that De Jesus fought valiantly but eventually had to tap due to the excruciatingly painful looking angle his arm was being bent too. 

 Post fight Baez told the crowd that flyweight was too easy and he was moving to 135. 

Winner by Submission (Arm Bar) in RD2 - Javier Baez

150 - Sebastian Angel vs. Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams had a week’s notice for this fight as he stepped to fight Angel after his original opponent had to withdraw with an injury. 

R1: Williams comes out with some leg kicks before going up top with a head kick. A flying knee and barrage of punches sent Williams to the mat and Angel declined to jump on top, motioning his opponent back to his feet.  Another solid knee by Williams lands to Angel’s body and stuns him. A straight right sends Angel off his feet again but he sprung back up only to eat a string of vicious knees to the head from Williams. Angel was wobbly on his feet and Williams walked him down and continued to pick him apart with shots. A Straight right, a high knee and a head kick that connected to a falling Sebastian Angel ended this fight. It was an incredible striking performance by Williams and a gutsy one by Angel whose iron chin kept him in this fight till finally succumbing to the continual barrage with a second left in round one. It was reported that Sebastian Angel broke his jaw in this fight.

Winner by KO in RD1 – Patrick Williams

170 - Ryan DeRocher vs. Trent McCown

R1 - DeRocher charges out of the gate at the start of the round and pins McCown to the cage. Works knees to DeRocher’s legs. McCown with some knees of his own and jumps into a guillotine, DeRocher pulled out and shot in again this time DeRocher sank the guillotine in deeper and forces McCown to tap.

After the fight McCown claimed that he “wants the belt, he smells it every morning and tastes it when he eats breakfast.

Winner by Submission (Guillotine) in RD1 - Trent McCown RD 1

155 - Mike Michael Trujillo (2-0) vs. Jerrid Burke (5-1)

This fight was promised to be a stand up war between boxer and muay Thai specialist that lived up to the bill.

R1 - Burke started the fight with a leg kick that landed. Trujillo was hesitant at first trying to find his distance. Burke continues to score with leg kicks.  Trujillo began to find his distance and landed some solid shots.  Trujillo continues to get looser and started land more shots. A big uppercut landed for Trujillo that left Burke stunned.  Trujillo countered a jab with a left hook that landed and hurt Burke again. Burke began to show damage and slowed as Trujillo continued to pick his shots for the rest of round 1.

R2 - Small feeling out process, Burke looked to throw ahead kick but can’t pull trigger. Trujillo came into the round confident his hands down relaxed and loose. Burke works the body with a kick that gets Trujillo’s attention back. A solid left straight landed on Burke cutting him above the eye.  Trujillo continued to pick Burke apart until Burke landed a leg shot and just missed on a desperation swing from the fences right. Trujillo ups the pressure on Burke backing him down and landed a crushing combination that ends with a powerful right hook that sent Burke to the mat and ending the fight.

Winner by KO RD2 – Mike Trujillo

145 - Victor Delgado vs. Bruce Connors

The hometown favorite came into this fight undefeated and looking to continue to excite the crowd with his highlight striking style. Standing In his way was veteran Bruce Connars.

R1 - A Lengthy feeling out process drew the ire of the crowd. Delgado began to try with kicks, landing a body shot and throwing a flurry of punches. Connors charged in for a takedown and pulls Delgado’s legs from under him. Connors moved to the top but was not able to do much.  Connors moved to half guard and smothered Delgado for the rest of the round but was not able to improve position.

R2 - Delgado looked frustrated coming into the second round and began throwing a variety of kicks and punches, Connor weathered the storm backs away. Delgado threw a spinning capoeira kick that excited the crowd but didn’t land. Connors then shots in and landed a take down.  Connors worked from inside Delgado’s guard but didn’t improve position forcing the Ref to stand them up.

R3 - Back on their feet a Spinning head kick from Delgado sends Connors to the ground and ignited the crowd into frenzy but Connors popped back up. Delgado charges in and began to unload but Connors was able to take down Delgado down and end the round on top.

Another spinning capoeira attempt by Delgado to start the final round gets nothing but air. Delgado slipped on another kick attempt and Connors pressured from the top but didn’t jump on top so the Ref backed Connors up and stands up Delgado.  Both fighters remained hesitant for the duration of the round. Connors shot in for a takedown but ate knee for his troubles. Delgado then began to find Connors chin with straights. An Axe kick by Delgado misses and the bell rings for the end of the fight.

Delgado celebrated post fight and Connars camp also seemed to feel that they had the win due to Connar controling most of the fight. However in MMA there is that old saying of “don’t leave the fight in the hands of the judges…”

Winner by Decision – Victor Delgado

170 - Marcelo Alfaya vs. Abdallah Hamdan

R1 - Alfaya started the round driving in for a takedown and began to work from inside Hamdan’s guard. Shots to the body hurt Hamdan but he was able to push Alfaya off with his legs. Hamdan scrambled back to his feet only to receive a short hook from Alfaya that sends him back to the mat. Alfaya takes Hamdan’s back and softens his opponent up with punches before sinking in a guillotine choke for the win.

Winner by Submission (Guillotine Choke) Rd 1 – Marcelo Alfaya

145 - Charles Bennet vs. Peter David Grimes

R1 - Grimes opened with a kick that catches Bennett in the ribs.  Grimes continued with kicks as a leg kicks snapped into Bennet’s thigh. Bennett returned fire with a flying knee and a flurry of punches to the head and body. Bennet then slammed Grimes to the mat and fell into half guard. Bennett moved to full mount and began to unload shots but then took the time to turn to USCombatSports photographer; Koryne Iaria and told her “Tell Luis (Palomino) (CFA featherweight champion and team mate of Grimes) how strong I am now.”  Bennet went back to focusing on the fight landing a few more shots before Grimes was able to reverse. Grimes stayed on in Bennet’s guard momentarily before Bennet kicked him off and yelled at his opponent as he got back to his feet.

The action continued with a crushing shot to the body by Bennet that spread a grimace over Grimes face. A flying hook by Bennett sends Grimes back into the cage. Bennett continued taunting Grimes and threw a leg kick but slipped to the mat. Grimes charged towards Bennet but Bennett was able to land a kick from his back that stopped his forward motion. The round ended with both fighters exchanging unpleasantries.  

R2 - Grimes went for a high knee to open the round, it partially landed but Bennet was able to power through and drives Grimes down for a takedown.  Bennet in Grimes guard picked Grimes from the mat lifted him high into the air and twisted sending Grimes viciously back to the ground with a German Supex.  The slam leaved Grimes dazed and Bennett immediately moved to full mount. Strikes rained down to Grimes head but he was able to cover up and move Bennet back to half guard. Bennet continued the offense with short elbows to Grimes forehead. Grimes turned over and Bennet took his back but was scooted off as Grimes escaped ‘out the back door.’ Grimes went for a head kick that missed and Bennet shot in for another take down but left his head out and Grimes sinks in a guillotine that Bennett tried to fight but was unable to and was forced to tap.  

Winner by Submission (Guillotine) – Peter David Grimes

Co-Main Event

155 - Abel Trujillo (7-4) vs. James Edson Berto (16-9)

R1 - This was a fight that ended as quickly as it started and was marred with controversy. Trujillo immediately took Berto down and began to unload strikes as soon as they began to land the ref stepped in and stopped it. Berto and his corner exploded in rage as did the crowd but the ref declared he heard Berto verbally submit. Post fight Berto said he was telling the ref that Trujillo was striking to the back of the head. Things got ugly between both camps with smack talk going back and forth and Berto’s father UFC veteran Dieuseul Berto even took the mic post fight and claimed CFA had an agenda against his family. The President of CFA also entered the ring and said that a rematch will take place at CFA’s next event on June 22nd

Winner by Verbal Submission – Abel Trujillo

Main Event

155 - Luis Palomino (18-7) vs. James Warfield (22-9)

Originally slated to be a title fight, Warfield was unable to make weight so the title stipulation was scrapped with the bout set to go 3 rounds.

R1 - Warfield landed first with a leg kick and followed with another. Warfield continued his offense and sent Palomino tumbling with a straight right. Palomino gets back to his feet and both fighters exchange huge shots. Warfield ducked a Palomino hook and drove his opponent to the mat and began landing shoulder strikes. Warfield worked Palomino up against the cage but was eventually pushed off. Palomino throws a spinning capoeira kick that missed and enabled Warfield to land a right hook that connected with a thud.

Palomino drove Warfield against the cage and began to land knees. Both men clinch and exchanged punches, a hook on the break by Palomino was followed by a leg kick. Warfield showed good feints and after feinting a takedown attempted a spinning back fist that just missed Palomino’s face.

Palomino then exploded with a flurry of punches and knees that all landed solidly and sent the crowd into frenzy, Warfield drove through the shots and takes Warfield down that drew cheers of respect from Palomino’s hometown crowd. The round ended with Warfield holding top position.  

R2 - Round 2 started with measured action from both fighters. Neither throwing more than one strike in the first minute. Palomino ends the pause in action with an attempted leg kick but as Warfield turned the kick landed to his groin. The action stops and Warfield was given five minutes to recoup.

The ref warned Palomino but didn’t take a point away and started the fight back up. Warfield looked more alive and began pressing the action with strikes. Palomino avoided continued striking attempts by Warfield and then threw another spinning capoeria kick that glances Warfield’s face and backed him into the cage which he used to push off and go for a superman kick that barely missed its mark.

Palomino began unloading kicks high and low to Warfield and then took down his opponent but fell into danger of being submitted by Guillotine. Palomino was able to pull out and get back to his feet just as round 2 came to a close.

R3 - Both fighters respected each other’s power and were hesitant to engage to start this round. Palomino landed the first shot with a leg kick and takes down Warfield. Palomino finds himself fighting off a guillotine attempt again. He once again managed to survive and found himself in half guard after pulling out of the Warfield submission attempt.

Warfield was able to work to his feet, a huge hook is ducked under by Palomino and Warfield slipped. As Warfield gets back to his feet Palomino landed a Flying knee to Warfield’s ribs doubled him over. Palomino continued the offense with a knee to Warfield’s face that cuts him.  

Warfield fights back with strikes and Palomino backs off.  Both fighters remained hesitant for the last minute of the round before Palomino droves in with a takedown to end of the round.

Both fighters embraced after the fight showing great respect to each other. The score cards are tallied and the decision was announced...

Winner by Judges Decision – Luis Palomino


USCombatSports would like to thank Champion Fighting Alliance for their hospitality.
Photos by Koryne Iaria for USCombatSports.
Full Photo Gallery of the CFA06 Event will be published Monday.


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14 April 2012

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