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Technique of the Week: Inside leg kick

Ted Giantini
12 October 2010
Technique of the Week: Inside leg kick
MATCS and Ty DeWees begin a new Technique of the Week series on Muay Thai. This week, DeWees shows an inside leg kick. In the 90’s, DeWees began one of the first submission grappling gyms in Pennsylvania. DeWees spent a good portion of the last decade traveling, training and instructing in Southeast Asia. He is now back living and working in Arlington, Virginia. DeWees will be giving a seminar on Muay Thai at The Kennel MMA in Fredericksburg, Virginia on November 13, 2010

Video below:

Step by step photos after the jump.

Thanks to Chau Bui and NOVA MMA for allowing MATCS to film at their gym.

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11 February 2011

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