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Josh Robinson Shows Explosive Stand Up Game at NAFC

Jake Larsen
18 May 2012
Josh Robinson Shows Explosive Stand Up Game at NAFC

When Josh Robinson stepped into the cage Saturday at NAFC “Coliseum” against Dustin Ortiz, the first thing everyone noticed was his pink shorts and ankle tape. When he left the cage, no one was talking about his outfit. It was Robinson's impressive striking and ground defense that was on the minds of everyone.

The Ohio native came into the fight looking to be the aggressor from the first bell. “Watching a lot of his (Ortiz's) videos I have seen that a lot of his opponents were intimidated by him” Robinson told us at USCS. “He came out and pressured them and they backed away from him. That was our game plan to not back away from him.”

Robinson did just that. The fight went the entire 5 rounds and they all consisted of Robinson pushing the tempo for all five minutes. Most people watching the fight that night however did not witness Josh Robinson in the cage, they saw his persona “Short Stack."

“When Josh fights he is real timid and doesn’t let his hands go. He’s just kinda in there not really looking to win. Then what you guys saw was “Short Stack” come out of me as ” “Short stack” out struck the former number 9 ranked fighter in the 125 weight class. Robinson also showed off his heavy hands and fast feet when they were in the stand up."

Most people knew the Toledo Grappling fighter could stand with the best of them. What most people didn’t know about is a ground game that stems from an extensive wrestling background. “I have a wrestling background which a lot of people don’t understand. So when he did try to take me down, I really wasn’t too worried about it and when I do hit the ground I’m very good from my back and very active”

Robinson looked as cool as the other side of the pillow off his back when Ortiz did get the fight to the mat. Ortiz seized the top mount but Robinson locked his foot around Ortiz and clasped his hand to his ankle making it extremely hard for Ortiz to pass guard. “I was looking to get a stand”

When Robinson didn’t get the standup he was looking for, he didn’t panic. Instead he took action. “After so long of that I realized I shouldn’t just lay there. I need to create myself an opening to stand up.”  Once Robinson found his opening there was nothing stopping him from exploding up with elbows and punches until he was allowed to stand up.

The fight ended with a split decision with two of the three judges giving the nod to “Short Stack." What’s next for the new top twenty ranked fighter in his weight class?  “Completely out of respect, I want to fight Sergio [Pettis]. I think we both have the same style and I think it would be a very good standup match and if it had to, it would be a very interesting grappling match. Not to call him out in a negative way but call him out as we can really test each other’s skills. I mean no disrespect by it. That kid's going places but we could both gain from it.”

We can only hope to see Robinson in the ring again against another high caliber opponent such as Sergio Pettis. If that fight comes, we will have to see if “Short Stack” or Josh Robinson enters the ring. If it is "Short Stack," we are in for a high energy fight that would showcase two solid stand up attacks.

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20 May 2012

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