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Battle in the Burg: Kickboxing highlight results

Ted Giantini
01 June 2010
Battle in the Burg: Kickboxing highlight results

Saturday, May 22nd Team Manuel in partnership with Vemma held amateur kickboxing matches in Fredericksburg, VA. What was slated as an 11 bout card of kickboxing turned into eight exhibition bouts and three judged fights after some last minute withdrawls.

The eight exhibition bouts featured age groups from children to adult. It gave a chance for all to fight, even if true opponents had withdrawn from the card at the last minute.

Team Manuel leader, Chris Manuel had this to say before the night began:

The eight exhibition bouts were as follows:

Michael Johnson v Riley Vaughn

Mark Skillman v Chris Johnson

Detwaun O’Connor v Kent Eanes

Connor Flowers v Taylor Vaughan

Jared Pearlman v Brandon Stein

Dean Lavin V Zakee Macon

Troy Whitman v Essence Jones

Jesse Skillman V Chris Johnson

Justin Steckler v Dashawn Boatwright

Below are some key bouts and highlights of the night:

Eanes earns the split

The first judged fight of the evening pitted Mary Hastings of American Karate versus Jessie Eanes of Team ROC. Hasting had the reach advantage but Eanes used her bob and weave tactics to slip past it.

Round one consisted of Hasting throwing her long kicks and Eanes slipping past to land body shots. Eanes controlled the pace of the round with her movement. Round one ended with both fighters launching a flurry, but neither gaining a major advantage.

Round two was much of the same. Eanes bobbed and weaved while Hastings tried to land her powerful kicks. Eanes was warned several times in round two to get her kicks higher, but that was all. Again, to most spectators it seemed to be a pretty even round for both fighters.

Round three brought out both fighters using what served them well for the previous two frames. Hasting would throw her power kicks followed by hands and Eanes evaded, closing the distance with movement. When the bell sounded at the end of the round, the fight was left in the judges’ hands.

Two judges gave the fight to Eanes and one for Hastings, earning Eanes the split decision.

Collins wins the war

Another matchup created by last minute withdrawls from the card placed James Doggett of Team Manuel against teammate Ben Collins.

Collins came out fighting in round one. He was clearly the aggressor by backing Doggett up and moving him around the ring with his punches and kicks. Doggett, to his credit, counter punched and kicked, but Collins maintained control with his offense.

In round two Doggett started off on the offensive using a long front kick and backed Collins into a corner with an opening flurry. Both fighters stood toe to toe and threw punches and kicks. Collins, backed into a corner, counter punched, making Doggett’s overhand attacks land harmlessly.

Round three had both fighters leaving it all in the ring. While Doggett tried to dart back and forth in order to gain the advantage, Collins, as he had done all fight, countered with attacks of his own. Doggett would try to get inside on Collins and Collins would land a punch or kick to stop the attack.

Again this fight was left up to the judges and Collins won the unanimous decision.

Main event ends in injury

In the main event of the evening, Mike Lawrence of Competitive Edge Karate faced Greg Green of American Karate. As both fighters warmed up, this had the makings of a true main event.

Unfortunately, the fight only made it thirty seconds in. As a flurry was being thrown by both fighters, Green went to the ground. He was helped up by the official and his corner having sustained a leg injury. Lawrence won the fight due to TKO. Later it was determined that Green’s leg injury was a fractured tibia.

While most of the bouts were exhibition due to the last minute card restructure, the new format gave all age groups a chance to compete without the pressure of winning and losing. Team Manuel and its partner, Veema, will be bringing kickboxing to Fredericksburg on a regular basis. They have an event planned on June 26 and a larger fight card and health fair planned for September.

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02 June 2010

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