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AHF 2011 Classical Fencing Tournament Results

Peter Lampasona
24 March 2011
AHF 2011 Classical Fencing Tournament Results

Saturday, March 19, The Association for Historical Fencing hosted a classical fencing tournament at SUNY Purchase. The event, according to fencing instructor and AHF member Jared Kirby, was held "to provide a forum for those 17-25 years of age who are in beginning stages of their classical fencing training to test their skills in a tournament format." The tournament included two brackets for foil and one for sabre.

The AHF's classical fencing rules set differs from better known Olympic affiliate fencing, putting a greater focus on defense, controling an opponent's blade, and form, rather than the quickest strike. More details on the rules can be found here.

Foil competitions consist of subtle motions in offense, defense, and linear movement. For non-afficianados, sabre competition may be more easy to relate to. Sabre matches contain circular movement familiar in other combat sports and larger sword movements familiar in Zorro films.

Below are the full list of tournament results:

In the 0-2 years of experience foil bracket:

1st - Eric Petersen (Humbolt State University - CA)

2nd - David Maine (SUNY Purchase - NY)

3rd - Rosa Yeh (Marquette University - WI)

In the 2+ years of experience bracket:

1st - Charles Dobbs

2nd - Austin McLaurin (SUNY Purchase - NY)

3rd - Tom Blassman (SUNY Purchase - NY)

In the Sabre competition:

1st - Austin McLaurin (SUNY Purchase - NY)

2nd - Tom Blassman (SUNY Purchase - NY)

3rd - Charles Dobbs (Marquette University - WI)

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16 April 2014

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