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New Episode of Cage Radio: MAT - Ladies' Night

Peter Lampasona
06 March 2010
New Episode of Cage Radio: MAT - Ladies' Night
A new hour long episode of Cage Radio: MAT broadcasts Saturday at 1:30 PM. At the bottom of the hour, we’ll be joined by MATCS contributor and MMA referee Bradley Duruttya as well as venerable MMA judge and Miletich Fighting System of Atlantic City coach Cardo Urso to discuss WEC 47. Everything from the return of Miguel Torres to the viability of the first WEC Pay Per View next month is up for grabs when the Cage doors close. Then, for the second half of the show it is ladies night on Cage Radio as we are joined by Ultimate Female Fighter editor Katrina Belcher to discuss women’s MMA ranking and how flaws in the system may affect the women’s divisions’ marketability.

From 1:30 PM on you can listen to Cage Radio below:

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06 March 2010

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