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Meet Anna Dudley: The Future of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jeff watts
26 October 2012
Meet Anna Dudley: The Future of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

They say there is always two sides to a coin; two sides to a story. This is generally the case for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Some people do it because it's fun and will tell you it's nothing but a hobby, while a select few understand that with jujitsu the possibilities are endless.

One of those select few is 9 year old, Anna Dudley, who just recently started fourth grade at Quarry Hill Community School in Monson, Ma. Long before Dudley could even imagine the fourth grade she was on the mats learning BJJ from one of her heroes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Marco Alvan.

Under Alvan's tutelage Dudley has become well known throughout the NAGA circuit as a fearsome opponent who guillotines her competition with bad intentions. Anna's mother explained to me how they found the "Team Link BJJ Program" under Marco Alvan.

"She got into jujitsu because I was looking for something for her to be involved in besides sitting at home in front of video games, I randomly called some places in the yellow pages and Marco's school was one of the places she checked out. She met Marco and that was all it took, that was the school she picked. She idolizes Marco."

After only three years of training Dudley has been able to put together quite the collection of medals. With two expert level championship belts, four first place samurai swords, and 18 silver medals it's hard to deny that Anna Dudley's dream of one day becoming a jiu jitsu black belt and a Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor is more than attainable. Anna was chosen by the North American Grappling Association as a featured grappler this month, which says far more about her character than I ever could.

Anna Dudley is an prime example of how a child should be brought up in the martial arts world. She wasn't thrown into a random MMA class, she was placed in a structured environment with a professional who knows exactly how to enrich the lives of young people through the teachings of jiu jitsu.

After watching all of her videos on Youtube it's fair to say that young Anna Dudley is right at home on those mats; calm and calculated while in competition. It's hard to imagine that she will be anything but extraordinarily successful in her future, perhaps the next Ronda Rousey?

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26 October 2012

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