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Premier FC 11 Undercard Recap: Rodriguez and Caterino Finish, Lochinov and Lopez Win Via Unanimous Decision

Jeff watts
07 August 2012
Premier FC 11 Undercard Recap: Rodriguez and Caterino Finish...

On Friday night the masses poured into the Log Cabin in Holyoke, Massachusetts to see the conclusion of the Premier FC amateur championship tournaments.

With five fights set for the undercard and three title fights set for the main card, the crowd was excited to say the least. Karyn Wesch's brain child was ready to entertain the people who came to pay homage to the fighters, the sport and the promotion.

Up first was the matchup between Chris Palacios and Chris Caterino. Early in round one Palacios came out looking to set in with some leg kicks. Caterino, being the larger of the two fighters, did a solid job keeping his distance and measuring Palacios. As soon as Palacios was able to land his first leg kick Caterino countered with a hard right hand to the right eye of Palacios.

Both fighters scrambled but made it back to their feet. Palacio's right eye was practically closed as he winced pretty badly. Caterino sensed the pause and shot in with a nice double leg, landing perfectly in side control, and then transitioning into north-south. Caterino tried a submission of sorts as he circled back to side control and into mount.

Palacios was flat on his back at that point and Caterino was landing some solid shots to his dome. Palacios put both hands up to block the shots, Caterino saw that, grabbed an arm and went for an arm bar. But with only 00:10 left there wasn't much time to finish it.

Caterino came out in round two with the bell throwing his jab. Palacios threw some heavy shots that extended his posture allowing Caterino to land another nice double-leg takedown. Palacios took some serious punishment from Caterino who was in mount hammering down shots. Again Palacios covered up and Caterino went for the arm bar, finishing the fight.

The second fight of the night pitted Walter Rodriguez vs. Eoghen Lenney. This fight was electrifying as soon as the bell sounded the beginning of the first round. Both fighters made their way to the center of the cage. Lenney started off pawing with his jab, trying to get his distance down. Walter responded with a resounding leg kick and a jab.

Walter was really composed as he landed a heavy right hand on the chin of Lenney that sent his mouth guard flying. Walter crowds Lenney, laying it on. He composed himself and stepped back, only to land a vicious switch kick to the body of Lenney followed up with a nasty combo and Lenney went down. The referee literally pulled Walter off Lenney.

Jonas Benoit squared off against Kemren Lochinov in the night's third bout. Benoit came off the cage landing a solid body kick to the ribs of Lochinov. Lochinov closed the distance, getting a takedown on Benoit. On the way down Benoit was able to get a guillotine. Kemren shook it off. Benoit wasn't doing a bad job keeping Lochinov tied up from the bottom, but that won't win him any fights.

Lochinov broke free of Benoit and pushed him tightly against the cage, locking one of his arms down and getting a mounted crucifix position. After taking several heavy blows Benoit knew it was time to move as he managed to buck out from under the crucifix, rolling to all fours, giving Lochinov his back. With only a short time left in the round, Lochinov was unable to finish the fight.

In the second round Benoit threw a vicious push kick to the solar plexus of Lochinov, which he followed up with a hard right hand flush to the jaw. As Lochinov fell to the mat Benoit closed the gap, allowing Lochinov to grab him as both fighters hit the mat. Again it was Lochinov who came out on top during the scramble. Lochinov picked his shots carefully and did just enough to keep this fight where he wanted it, on the ground. Benoit didn't have an answer to the ground game of Lochinov at all.

Lochinov was, again, able to take Benoit down, dictating the pace as round three began. Lochinov easily transitioned from full guard to side control directly into mount. Lochinov was able to pick his shots, showing no respect for the ground game of Benoit. As Lochinov threw a wild shot, Benoit ended up in the guard of Lochinov. Lochinov immediately tied up Benoit, which resulted in Benoit trying to slam his opponent several times into the mat. With such a short time left in the round, Lochinov covered up well enough to avoid almost all the damage of Benoit.

Marvin Maldonado vs. Josue Lopez also took place over the weekend at Premier FC. Both fighters started this one from the center of the cage. Maldonado landed a big leg kick early in round. Lopez seemed really confidant in his hands, putting some nice combos together, setting the bar for the pace and tempo of the fight.

Lopez came in for a combo; both fighters tie up and attempt to work shots on the other's body. Just before both fighters break Lopez landed a nice knee to the body of Maldonado followed by a solid combo which ended with a hook. Again, both fighters exchanged blows as they entered the clinch.

In round two it was evident early that Lopez had the better stand up as he slipped in and out, moving his head methodically, and landing a solid right hand as the round starts. Lopez worked his way to the inside and got double under hooks on Maldonado. But Maldonado reversed the position on the cage, turned into Lopez, and attempted a single.

Nice pressure from Maldonado made Lopez carry his weight as he attempted the single, he hits a quick ankle pick while keeping control of the leg he shot in on. That was a beautiful takedown so technical! Lopez manages to climb the cage and bring the fight back to the feet, but hits a takedown of his own. After landing several solid shots to the face of Maldonado, Lopez swiftly transitioned into mount as the round comes to an end.

As round three started Lopez came out strong looking to use his hands and put some combo's together, Maldonado however had other plans getting a tie up early on in the round. After forcing the tie up Maldonado nails a very technical trip takedown, forcing the action back onto the mat in the half guard of Lopez.

Marvin is doing just enough to keep this fight on the ground, even though Lopez is looking up at the referee to stand the action up. Lopez motions at the referee that he is unpleased with no stand up and punches Maldonado with what may have been the only shots in about: 30seconds or so as he's being pushed against the cage the fight comes to an end.

Undercard Results

Chris Caterino def. Chris Palacios via Armbar RD 2
Walter Rodriguez def. Eoghen Lenney via TKO :51 RD 1
Kemren Lochinov def. Jonas Benoit via Unanimous Decision
Josue Lopez def. Marvin Maldonado via Unanimous Decision

Thanks to for the photo of Walters epic body kick.

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07 August 2012

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