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Cage Titans Prevail: Team Sityodtong's Jimmy Davidson Remains Undefeated with Stoppage Over Anniss El Hajjajy

Jeff watts
30 July 2012
Jimmy Davidson - US Combat Sports

From the opening of Friday's Cage Titans FC "Prevail" card it was evident that fans were in for an entertaining night of fights. And never was this more visible than the main event between game competitors Anniss El Hajjajy and Jimmy Davidson.

The start of the lightweight championship title fight saw both fighters hesitant to engage the other as both fighters began unwilling to throw the first strike. As Davidson threw the first strike of the fight, Anniss went under it and attempted the first takedown, which ended up in a clinch.

Both fighters were posturing in the clinch as they tried to muscle the other, during which Anniss attempted an arm in guillotine. Anniss released the guillotine only to somehow find himself on his back with Davidson in his guard.

Anniss composed himself well and absorbed most of what Davidson threw by either controlling him or covering up well. During a scramble, Anniss was able to turn into Davidson, grabbed a single leg. As he does Davidson went for Anniss' neck. Anniss defended and they both got back to their feet as the first round came to a close.

An amazing show of sportsmanship as both fighters touched gloves to start the second round. Jimmy started throwing his jab, really trying to get his distance down. Anniss went for a one-two combo down the pipe. Davidson changed levels well, getting right under the hips of Anniss and landing a solid takedown directly into side control.

Anniss, obviously confident in his jiu jitsu, rolled to turtle but Davidson saw it coming and was all over Anniss' back, both hooks deep. Davidson, determined to get the RNC this round, was pressuring his opponent well. Anniss defended the choke by tucking his chin and grabbing one of Davidson's arms with two hands.

Anniss was able to escape both the back mount and the rear naked choke, and landed a couple shots of his own. Then it was Anniss with a single leg takedown, and Davidson who rolled to his belly as Anniss laid into him. Davidson covered up well as the round ended.

In the third round, Anniss came out and threw some shots and a flying knee, none of which landed. But now it was Davidson who's back was against the cage. Anniss got a takedown, Davidson was climbing right back up though, and halfway through his cage walk took the back of his opponent.

With only one hook in, he seemed to be in a dominant position and on his way to winning the round. Anniss stood up quickly and spiked Davidson hard into the mat, certainly one of those rare sites in a fight. Davidson managed to get his second hook. Such a chess game from both competitors on the ground, each fighter countering the other, and the pace was relentless.

Nearing the end of the round Anniss was going for a leg lock of sorts and it's hard to tell if Davidson got saved by the bell or not, without being one of the competitors, but that calf cruncher seemed locked in deep.

Going into the fourth round the pace of this fight had been violent, to say the least, and incredibly taxing on both competitors. This was truly a strategic battle between two generals.

Davidson shot in but Anniss stuffed it. As Davidson came back up, Anniss landed a couple straight punches right down the center, all of which land solid. Davidson clinched up with Anniss turning him into the cage. Anniss reversed the clinch turning Davidson's back into the cage. Anniss broke the clinch and started laying hands on Davidson.

Anniss seemed to have taken charge of this fight. Davidson again clinched, and Anniss quickly turned it into a single leg takedown. As soon as Davidson hit the mat he was immediately working his way back to his feet. Anniss saw this and went in for the kill, landing multiple hammer fists as Davidson turtled up. Taking his back, Anniss reigned down some massive blows on Davidson just as the round came to an end.

The action picked up as both fighters met in the center of the cage. Davidson, the aggressor, hit a deep single. Anniss fought it off and Davidson was all over him, forcing him against the cage and clinched up tightly. Davidson hit another takedown and was doing everything he could to keep his opponent on the mat. Annis, however, was able to climb the cage again, reversing the position and turning Davidson into the cage.

Both fighters seemed spent and were leaving it all in the cage. Davidson was looking to hit a switch. He hit it, and as he did he snagged Annis' leg side control! He transitioned into an inverted crucifix and was reigning down blows. Anniss was really taking some serious punishment at this point. it was hard to watch this, so close to ringside. Anniss was tapping.

The referee stopped the fight as Jimmy Davidson defeated Anniss El Hajjajy via strikes at 3:38 into the fifth and final round. The win improved Davidson' record to a perfect 5-0 and solidified him as one of the area's top lightweight prospects.

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30 July 2012

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