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Cage Titans Prevail Undercard: Both Cardarelli's, Rick Proctor and Jp White Come out Victorious.

Jeff watts
29 July 2012
Cage Titans Prevail Undercard: Both Cardarelli's, Rick ...

This past Friday, Cage Titans FC sold out the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Ma. People from all over the surrounding area packed in to see their friends, training partners, fathers and sons take to the cage. The stacked undercard for Cage Titans FC - Prevail did everything but disappoint.

It provided the crowd with endless amusement. It has become a regular thing for promoters to use amateurs to fill the ranks of their undercards in local events. Michael Polvere has found a way to utilize the amateurs in the northeast in a way that few promotions have yet to even touch upon.

Out of the twelve fights on the undercard this past Saturday three of the fights ended in rear naked chokes (RNC), three ended in a triangle of sorts, and two were finished by armbar. Three of the fights on the undercard ended by technical knockout and only one got to see a judges' scorecard.

Friday night at Cage Titans both a father and a son stepped into the cage to handle business. USMMA's Mark and Remo Cardarelli both competed and came out victorious. The Elder Cardarelli found himself in a war with Shane Stephenson that had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Most of the first round saw Mark dominating the ground game of his much younger opponent, fending off multiple submission attempts. With twenty seconds left in the first round Cardarelli sunk in a RNC. His efforts were, however, not lost even though the bell made sure that this fight went into the second round.

The second round went much like the first round as Mark easily took Shane down early on. Though it was a back and forth chess game on the mat, Mark came out with the victory at 2:58 in the third round via armbar.

The younger Cardarelli had a presence about him as soon as he got in the cage, not taking his eyes off his opponent even for a moment as the ring announcer introduced the two competitors. Right from the start, it was evident that both Cardarellis shared a real talent for the ground game.

Remo Cardarelli, being the smaller fighter during his bout, found himself on his back almost immediately. Cardarelli fought several takedowns until he was able to climb the cage, and in one tricky motion took the back of his opponent.

Almost immediately Shane Descristoford reversed the position and found himself in young Cardarelli's guard, and a moment later in a Cardarelli Triangle Choke. Remo Cardarelli won his bout via triangle choke at 2:47 in the first round.

Two things are for sure about the Fighting Cardarellis. They both made a statement last night, young and old, and they did so against two guys named Shane.

Lauzon MMA went 2-0 at Cage Titans FC - Prevail as JP White made his long awaited return to the cage after taking quite some time off. White made his return against Ken Markwat. The first round was set completely in the clinch, White being the aggressor, controlling his opponent and pushing the pace simultaneously.

Round two saw White lay hands on the face of Markwat. Markwat responded by clinching up. At one point in round two Markwat is able to get a nice takedown. Unable to keep control, he found himself reversed and White was, again, in control of the match.

Round three saw Markwat come out with an urgency unlike the previous rounds. Markwat seemed the aggressor. He was again able to take White down but White was able to defend almost all damage Markwat threw. Around the middle of the third round White went for an armbar attempt. Markwat with the smallest of errors in judgement, tryed to pull out of the armbar only to find himself in a deep armbar that would finish the fight at 1:45 in RD 3.

Also fighting out of Lauzon MMA, the Cousin of Ultimate Fighter competitor Joe Proctor, Ricky Proctor made his MMA debut against Rourke Devlin. The crowd was hysterical when Ricky and the Lauzon entourage made their way down to the cage.

The fight started with Proctor coming out with a single leg takedown, immediately transitioning to the back of Devlin. After a few forearm shots to the face, Devlin gave up his kneck and the fight. Ricky Proctor defeated Rourke Devlin via RNC at :50 in the first round.

Other notable happenings was team Trifecta, making a splash as they went 4-0 at Cage Titans FC. With so many new faces on the amateur scene, things are sure to become electric in the months to come. You hear it all the time how people don't enjoy watching amateurs because they don't show up to fight. It is to those skeptics, to those fools, that I say, "Where were you last night?"

Because last night the amateurs stole the show, without a doubt. It is the amateurs of today that are the future of tomorrow's MMA, and so it is my suggestion to the true fans of the sport, that you consider taking in an amateur show once in awhile.

Brian Morales def. Asi Yahola Somburu via TKO RD1 1:22
Scott Dwyer def. Dan Dubuque via Unanimous Decision
Mike Rodriguez def. Isaiah Queen via TKO 2:40 1st RD
Manny Bermudez def. Stefanos Kampouris via Trianglechoke RD2 1:28
Jp White def. Ken markwat via Armbar 1:45 RD 3
Anthony Pepjonovic def. Floran Kacaku via RNC 1:49 RD 1
Mark Cardarelli def. Shayne Stephenson via Armbar 2:58 RD 3
Ricky Proctor def. Rourke Devlin via RNC :50 RD 1
Edward GIllis def. Eddie Cornet via Armtriangle :28 RD 3
Remo Cardarelli def. Shane Descristoford via Trianglechoke 2:47 RD 1
Anthony Soto def. Matthew Haney via TKO :22 RD 3
Joey Disalvo def. Nick Muto via RNC :57 RD 3

Thank you to the Boston Bastard Brigade and Rich Hogan for the photo.

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29 July 2012

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