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Kenny Florian and Keith Florian Deliver Unbelievable 'BJJ for MMA' Seminar at Gracie Barra Burbank

Monta Wiley
18 June 2012
Kenny Florian Seminar - US Combat Sports

UFC veteran Kenny Florian has become quite the busy man as of late despite his recent departure from fight competition and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

From his in-depth analysis on the microphone as a color commentator to his busy job molding rising fighters at his MMA academy in Boston, it is clear that Florian continues to be a leading figure in the MMA world in many different sectors.

Taking his insights and knowledge on the road to sunny Southern California at the request of another well-respected fight veteran Alberto Crane, Kenny along with his brother Keith Florian hosted an epic "BJJ for MMA" seminar at the world famous Gracie Barra BJJ/MMA academy in Burbank, California.

A room that was flooded with eager fighters, grapplers, and even a few famous faces like UFC bantamweight contender Jared Papazian, the seminar was a historical event that left everyone in astonishment and disbelief at the material the famous brother duo unleashed to its attendees that day.

Unlocking the vault for their audience to the same fight system that has helped with Kenny's successful rise in the UFC from the brutal ground and pound tactics to their detailed submission techniques it was clear to see that K-Flo and Keith held nothing back in their aimed goal to ensure everyone benefited and evolved as martial artist at the seminar.

"Throughout my career I have had a lot of great coaches and people around me", Kenny told USCS. "I've always tried to stick to the basics and refine them over time. So for me and my brother it has always been about making sure our jiu-jitsu system is efficient as possible at the highest level."

As opposed to his competitive mentality in the octagon, the session not only carried great instruction but also a positive vibe from both seminar instructors (Kenny and Keith). From their enthusiastic interaction with each individual teaching moves to openly taking photos with everyone afterwards this occasion undoubtedly showcased Kenny and Keith's generous character as it relates to helping and inspiring people in the martial arts community.

"It's a privilege and an honor to be on the mats with such great Martial Artists and people," said Professor Alberto Crane.

It is a very rare occurrence to get that type of high-level MMA talent blessing the training mats here in Southern California. Walking away from the seminar everyone not only carried with them an increase in knowledge on how to apply jiu-jitsu for MMA but also a memorable encounter that will live in their minds forever through their interaction with the Florian Brothers.


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Photo Courtesy : Bruno O'Hara

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18 June 2012

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