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Jon Jones: How Will the UFC's Biggest Star Handle His Recent DUI Arrest?

Eric Kowal
23 May 2012
Jon Jones - US Combat Sports

Since his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing his Bentley into a utility pole in Binghamton, N.Y this weekend there has been a lot of talk about how the accident will affect Jon Jones personally.

Will his fan base remain loyal to him? Will his popularity continue to rise? Or will Jones descend downward with his newfound stardom?

Last year Jones and UFC President Dana White starred in a Bud Light commercial promoting one of the UFC events. The message flashed across the screen, "Enjoy Responsibly," and nobody thought anything of it.


Because Jon Jones seemed to be the new face of the UFC; a seemingly bright guy who had a family and looked as if he could do no wrong. To Dana White, Jones was the perfect example of what a fighter should be.

He was and is extremely likeable, a great public speaker and a good role model...or is he? How will he be perceived?

He was at the top of his game and still is (barring this unfortunate event doesn't affect him mentally while preparing for a fight).

It seems that Jones is not new to having brush-ins with the law. Last year in Albuquerque, N.M., Jones was stopped at 3:05 a.m. on Nov. 24, 2011.

Although charges were not filed for almost a month Jones was first charged with "driving on a revoked license" (later amended to "driving on suspended license"). He was also charged with "sliding or losing traction." After trial both counts were dismissed, closing the case on March 8 of this year.

Since his most recent arrest the highly viewed Bud Light commercial featuring Jones and White has been pulled from several channels, probably because well...Jones was not enjoying responsibly.

While Jones probably will not serve jail time for the offense it is still a huge slap in the face to the organization for which he is champion, the UFC.

The UFC recently sponsored him for his last fight against Rashad Evans, the first time the organization has done so for a fighter. It was apparent that he was the guy. The man. The newest face of the sport's biggest organization.

As the youngest champion in UFC history Jones was reaching for the stars.

So how will the UFC react?

There doesn't seem to be a set standard of rules and punishment seems to be on a case by case basis which has angered some.

Trainer Cesar Gracie was not happy with the verdict recently given to his fighter Nick Diaz and he sent an electronic lashing to the UFC letting him know exactly how he felt about the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and their decision to both fine and suspend Diaz after popping on a urinalysis test after his fight with Carlos Condit earlier this year.

"@UFC Get drunk and wreck cars or do steroids between fights is OK. Smoke weed legally between fights and NSAC throws the book at you" Gracie tweeted.

Let's wait and see how the court proceedings go for Jones and then we can judge his character. Was it a one-time thing or will something like this happen again in the future? Only time will tell.

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23 May 2012

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