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USCS Wrestling Technique: Single Leg Seatbelt Toss

Kyle Carroll
10 May 2012
Single Leg Seatbelt Toss - US Combat Sports

Wrestling is the world's oldest sport dating back to ancient Greek times. And as the sport has evolved, so has the amount of intelligent ways of dragging opponents down to the mat.

Every takedown has a counter, and with every counter an opponent defends with, a smart wrestler must be able to shift gears into another offensive attack.

The single leg seatbelt toss isn't a recommended first hand move to use in an arsenal attacking your foe. However, it is a technique that can create uncertainty next time an opponent decides to use a whizzer defending a single leg attack.

Taking a single leg shot, coming up tight on the outside of the other wrestler's leg, be sure to keep his leg up and tight to your body. It will work when he keeps his leg in the groin area, while using a whizzer to defend your shot.

Once having the leg, climb up his leg while sinking your outside arm deep underneath his knee. After your outside arm is sunk deep behind his knee cap, you will be able to remove your near arm from his leg to around his waist behind the back creating a "seatbelt".

After switching hand position putting the offensive wrestler into a seatbelt control, the offensive wrestler will need to rotate his far leg across the body of his rival while arching his back. So while stepping across and arching, explode your hips giving lifting power to toss the challenger.

Be sure to rotate hips while tossing the enemy to ensure that the offensive wrestler comes up with the dominate position. If the offensive wrestler performing the toss pulls the antagonist directly on top, it could lead to a reversal in their favor.

When finishing, note that as the offensive wrestler wants to be on his toes pressuring into the grounded opponent, transitioning hands under their arms looking for hand control. It will be crucial to ensure they don't pounce back up to their feet after a successful takedown.

Knowing the single leg seatbelt toss is another move to keep in the back pocket of every wrestler. In wrestling, knowledge of multiple moves from a position is just as dangerous strength. Being a smart wrestler means obtaining everything possible, whether it is a flashy move, or a basic elementary move. Knowing what to do in a scramble or stalemate is the difference between state place winners, and state champions.

Be sure to look forward for more wrestling technique from wrestling coach and USCS Reporter Kyle Carroll.

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10 May 2012

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