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Amateur Spotlight: Brandon "Mr. 4Real" Grundy Battles Josh Seymore In Little Rock, Arkansas At Valentine's Day Massacre

Kyle Carroll
16 February 2013
Amateur Spotlight: Brandon "Mr. 4Real" Grundy Batt...

Tonight, Brandon “Mr. 4Real” Grundy enters the cage to battle southpaw opponent, Josh Seymore. The Valentine’s Day Massacre produced by Kingdom Promotions is providing Grundy an excellent chance to display his skills that has brought him to an undefeated record with three wins. Since his last fight, “Mr. 4Real” earned sponsorship with Reckless Inc., Promotions.

Grundy has worked hard to improve his confidence in the cage. Confidence is extremely important when getting caught in defensive positions and remaining patient enough to escape out. In addition to the morale boost he has been working on becoming more aggressive in the up-coming fights. Grundy wants to attack his foe’s off the bell and push the pace the fights.

“I’m ready for this fight no matter where it goes,” Grundy said. The heavyweight has been working on his combinations, and his distance in the striking game. The six foot two inch tall fighter wants to increase the amount of kicks he launches at his opponent. Grundy is comfortable with his wrestling, BJJ and striking skills. He is not afraid of his opponents' skill sets in any of the different disciplines in mixed martial arts.

Mr. 4 Real is looking to make a statement against Seymore. He hopes to show off his standup game, making an “example” earning the knockout. Grundy thus far has earned two victories by submission and one triumph by split decision. Extending his winning streak to 4-0 would help Grundy build his fan base.

The undefeated fighter set his bar high with ending the year ten wins before turning pro. While working towards his goal of ten victories, he sees his following building and translating into at least one professional fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Kingdom Promotions Valentine’s Day Massacre will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas, February 16. Stay tuned for more information about the Grundy vs. Seymore bout by following Grundy on twitter @mr_4real83 or USCS reporter Kyle Carroll @jiblitz77.

Photo by Kingdom Promotions

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16 February 2013

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