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Support Local MMA and Help US Combat Sports Break Into All 50 States With a Simple Click of a Button

Paul Fladten
27 June 2012
Support Local MMA - US Combat Sports

Nearly five years ago Wisconsin Combat Sports opened its doors in an effort to shine some light on the exciting local combative sports scene throughout the state of Wisconsin. The effort was an instant success.

Providing written coverage, fight photography, and video from events across the state WCS emerged as the unofficial online community for all things Wisconsin MMA. Creating gym listings for local businesses, increasing ticket sales for local promotions, and helping local fighters gain recognition the site helped raise awareness for members of the fight community.

Two years later the site made its way across the United States. Transitioning from Wisconsin Combat Sports to US Combat Sports, the company shifted its attention to covering local combative sports around the country opening sites in New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, and the entire Mid-Atlantic region. But the real work is just about to begin.

Hoping to advance to our next step of the process, USCS asks for your help to branch into all 50 states across America covering each and every local combative community. Helping us couldn't be easier and only requires a few clicks of a button. Here is what you do:

  1. Click this link that will take you to the front page of the Mission: Small Business contest.
  2. Click the blue button in the bottom right corner that says "Log In & Support"
  3. In the new tab, type "US Combat Sports" in the business name box and click search
  4. Finally, click the "Vote" button on the bottom right corner

If we are able to reach 250 votes by Friday US Combat Sports will be entered within a contest that awards $250,000 to 12 businesses across the country. Our established business plan has already won two contests to this point and we are hoping for a chance to win a third.

Please help us reach 250 votes so that we can continue our efforts to provide local combat sports coverage across the entire country. Along with creating a number of new positions within the company, the grant would be used to unveil a plethora of exciting new features aimed at increasing awareness of local competitors, promotions, and gyms throughout the US. Local combat sports for life!

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27 June 2012

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