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2009 USCS vs. Arnold's Day One Blog

Adam "Chewy" Saenz
07 March 2009

What's up, US? We're chillin' in our luxurious Columbus hotel room by the train tracks and we're pretty exhausted from travelling and drinking every supplement sample in sight.

Gabe, Tyler and Adam's weigh-ins went well. Aftwards, we wandered around and bumped into Don "Magnum P.I." Frye, who was looking a little rough, and we thought he might be someone's dad just dropping off his kids.

In case you didn't know, Frye is known for his advice column, "Dear Don", so if you have any questions that you think only Don Frye has the answers to, leave us a comment.

We also saw Houston Alexander, Diego Sanchez and Ali Sonoma (we sat by him at Mynt Ultra Lounge in Columbus), Mike Brown, Bas Rutten and Miguel Torres, as well as Jay Cutler, Lou Ferrigno, Bill Kasmeyer, Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry and more.

NAGA commences tomorrow, and I would say that we might see Jeff Monson, but he might be a bit busy sorting things out with the law.

We'll try to get a live stream going, but no gaurantees. If anything, we'll try to stream table tennis and arm-wrestling.

Anyway, enjoy these pictures the UFC 96 weigh-ins and the Hummer deadlift. Tomorrow is sure to be charged with psycho-power, so stay tuned...

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07 March 2011

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