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UFC Undisputed 3 Training To Be Champ of Fighting Games

Will Gray
02 June 2011
UFC Undisputed 3 Training To Be Champ of Fighting Games

They say the “third time’s a charm” and that is the best way to describe the anticipation for UFC Undisputed 3 when it arrives in January of 2012.

After years of lying dormant, UFC brought back its brand into video games in 2009 with THQ’s “UFC Undisputed” and the game was welcomed with positive reviews and widely accepted by critics and gamers. THQ released a sequel very quickly that was largely recognized for the negatives received less than stellar reviews. The sequel had a few new fighters and let you push people at weigh-ins but was mostly just the same its predecessor.

Adhering to the backlash and opinions of fans and critics, the developers sat on the sidelines for a year and have revamped the franchise for their next release. From all indications it seems as if THQ has done their homework. The gameplay, submission sequences, character animations have all been overhauled and the game will include new mechanics to make the combat more fluid and realistic.

But the most exciting new element is the addition of PRIDE mode, where players can relive the Japanese MMA organization with their roster, rules (soccer kicks and face stomps are here) as well as PRIDE commentators.

The updated roster will have over 150 selectable competitors and will showcase for the first time, the bantamweight and featherweight divisions. Although, the early reports are that the game will not feature any Strikeforce fighters, time will tell.

Online gameplay is still here and is said to be “significantly revamped” from the previous editions. The nice thing about the company taking time away and adding all these new features is similar to an evolving fighter: you prepare for a match, go out there and learn from your fight, good or bad. With the promises of new features and overhauling a game, this could be a contender for fighting game of the year.

If there is one early disappointment it lies in the roster. If the game has already been set back to fix tweaks in gameplay, set it back further to accommodate an entire, current roster of fighters. Just like a bad pay-per-view card – no fan wants to spend money on something that looks good to only be let down. For any fan of MMA and video games, this looks to be promising and help get the defeat off of THQ’s record for the last UFC game, we will have to wait until next year to finally see but it is something to look forward to.

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02 June 2011

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