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Longevity of Excellence: HCK Competition Lite BJJ Kimono Review

Monta Wiley
23 July 2012
Longevity of Excellence: HCK Competition Lite BJJ Kimono Rev...

Established in 1996, Howard Combat Kimonos has cemented its position as the original premium jiu-jitsu uniform here in North America. Supported and branded by some of the top elite athletes in BJJ and MMA, the company has positioned itself as an example for future companies hoping to achieve their own level of success.

Continuing with its successful ways, the new HCK Competition Lite BJJ Gi is another example of creator Howard Liu's brilliance in creating a product that stays true to its winning format while also staying current to the ever-changing BJJ community.

The HCK Lite Gi is made out of 420 grams of single weave 100-percent cotton material. Designed with standard yet appealing logo embroideries alongside the shoulder lines the kimono jacket is constructed with a strong and super thick collar material that is mostly seen in double weave judo gi.

The experience in wearing the jacket itself generates the sensation of a lightweight gi that provides the utmost comfort and functioning for the buyer. However, the kimono pants are built a slight bit different from its previous HCK predecessors.

Made of 280 grams of cotton sailcloth twill the trousers are equipped with full padding from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the pant cuff's thus ensuring proper coverage in all stress zone areas. The most unique feature of the pants lies within the waistline.

The closing system is constructed in the form of an elastic waistband and inner drawstring. I know a lot of people at times get annoyed with the typical tie up drawstring that is most likely to unravel during a training session. The advantage of the elastic waistband assists in helping eliminate the drawstring issue thus allowing the buyer to train at maximum efficiency without any interruption.

The HCK Lite Gi construction and design no doubt makes it a standout product on the market. However, the model's most complex component lies in its washing procedures. When it comes to the washing instructions for the gi it is very important to wash it in cold water and air dry it afterwards in the shade [not outside in the sun] to get the best results and avoid major shrinkage dilemmas. Also, using bleach or other harmful chemicals will undoubtedly inflict serious damage to the fabric.

When tackling the issue of color fading in regards to color kimonos (blue or black) be sure to turn the gi inside out before washing it. Once it's in the washer add one cup of vinegar along with cold water and liquid detergent in order to aid in retaining the hue appearance of the item.

Never seeming to fall off course with the release of the new HCK Competition Lite BJJ gi the product showcases the true artistry of how a true BJJ kimono should be designed. The feel, comfort, construction, and image of the item clearly make it an easy attraction purchase for any consumer hoping to deliver a major statement while training on the mat. These attributes help confirm how the company has lasted so long in the MMA community.


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Price:   $125 (White)
           $135 (Black)
           $135 (Blue)

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23 July 2012

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