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Is 'It’s Sapp Time' in your iTunes Library?

Eric Kowal
15 June 2012
Is 'It’s Sapp Time' in your iTunes Library?

The casual mixed martial arts fan here in the United States may have never heard of him, but over in Japan, well he is kind of a big deal.

He is Bob Sapp. A former pro football player, pro wrestler, kickboxer, mixed martial artist, comedian, actor and yes, he is also a musician.

The widely talented American found fame in the Land of the Rising Sun rather quickly appearing in various commercials and television programs.

The Japanese fans love gimmicks, and they love larger than life characters. Japanese fans made Bob Sapp who he is today, much like they helped create the aura around Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. If you entertain them, they will fall in love with you.

Sapp is to the Japanese people what Kimbo Slice was to the American fans when he first erupted on the MMA scene: a big burly guy with vicious knockout power, a bit of a mean-streak, but a heart of gold.

Sapp does not have a very successful record in any mixed martial arts organization or in K-1, but he does provide comic relief and entertainment for those buying tickets to see him fight.

He is yet to taste victory here in the states and tomorrow when he goes into his fight with Jong Dae Kim in Korea, Sapp will be looking to snap an eight-fight losing streak in MMA.

His last 12 kickboxing matches have equally been as unsuccessful. He tasted defeat 11 times out of his last 12.

In 2003, the super heavyweight fighter released "It's Sapp Time," a musical single under the Sony BMP record label.

A music video for that song soon followed and is a must-see even if you are not a fan of the famed fighter. It will give you a sense of his stardom, personality, and ego all at once.

Follow Sapp's simple instructions. "I want you to take your hand, and turn the volume, real, real loud." He doesn't want to have to beat you up he says.


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16 June 2012

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