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Academy Award Winning Actress Charlize Theron is Obsessed With UFC

Eric Kowal
07 June 2012
Charlize Theron - US Combat Sports

Academy Award winning actress and star of the new films Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus went on the late night television show Conan recently to talk about her love for mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

"I was originally introduced to the world of UFC by one of my best friends, who is like a five-foot-seven, really hot, very feminine, girly, girly, girly Asian girl who turns into a foam-at-the-mouth monster whenever she watches UFC," Theron told Conan O'Brien.

The 37-year old actress from South Africa, who has also starred in films such as Monster, the Italian Job, Sweet November, and Hancock, told Conan that she watches all the time and screams and loses her voice after an event.

"I get that nuts," she said. "I get really into it...I think it's such an incredible sport. These guys are such incredible athletes."

Towards the end of the interview Theron joked and said, "and yet I wonder what it says about me, that I like sweaty, hot men, bleeding all over each other, bashing each other in the face. But I can live with that."

What does it say about all of us?

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07 June 2012

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