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Justin Lawrence: 150 Amateur Bouts? Show Me the Money

Eric Kowal
13 May 2012
Justin Lawrence: 150 Amateur Bouts?  Show Me the Money

That line made famous by Cuban Gooding Jr., in the film “Jerry McGuire” became a statement that was regularly used in a situation where the validity of someone’s statement is in question. The person may promise some type of result and the correct response would be “show me the money”. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I have been following this season of the Ultimate Fighter to the same degree as all of the previous ones, but one of this seasons starts has a unique quality unlike any of the past fighters that has thrown me for a loop.

At just 22 years of age, Justin Lawrence is said to have recorded more than 150 amateur bouts. Like many, when I first heard about this I thought it was a typo. A simple addition of a zero on the end of 15 would have been a common mistake. It turns out however that this was not the case. The actual number is 150 amateur fights. Which lead me back to Cuba Gooding Junior’s famous line “Show me the money.”

I am sure that others must be thinking the same questions as me. Quite simply “How does a 22 year old fighter have 150 amateur bouts under his belt”? Even at the age of 40 years old majority of fighters do not log that many amateur bouts? Isn’t there someone somewhere saying “hey kid, you’re up to your 95th bout, what do ya think about going pro after this one?”

Some fighters such as Travis Fulton (247- 49) or Jeremy Horn (89-21) have been in the cage an immense amount of times but are in their mid 30’s at this point in their careers. With an age like that it is less fishy for them to have stepped into the ring that many times.

To look more into this conundrum, I turned to the two sites that the average fan would use to check out statistical information on a fighter, and Unfortunately, both only list Lawrence’s pro bouts which stands at 3 wins.

Now it is possibly that regulations were not fully employed yet in his home state or that there were cards where he fought two or more fights in night. None the less if these numbers are accurate, Lawrence has more fights recorded than all the fighters in the UFC Hall of Fame combined.

Is anyone buying this? Show me the money. Where is this data?

The UFC obviously bought into it or they would not be going on prime time television making mention of it.

So last night when Lawrence fought Mike Chiesa, I like the majority of spectators immediately jumped on the Lawrence bandwagon. He’s got to win right? It’s hard to think that after 150+ fights this guy doesn’t have an experience level unmatched by anyone else on the show. Not to mention the fact that Lawrence is built like a horse and extremely powerful.

I do think however that he needs to get in contact with Jessica Simpson and find out how he too can be the spokesperson for Proactiv acne/zit cream. It is perfectly natural for a male athlete to get Back-ne (acne on the back) right? Insert sarcasm here.

This fight goes to show that even after 150+ fights and all the experience that comes with them can’t match up with pure talent. All of this so called experience went out the window as soon as the bell sounded in the fight with Chiesa.

Chiesa ended up getting the win and moves on the semi-finals to earn the chance at becoming the next Ultimate Fighter. Lawrence earns a spot back on the bench where he can no longer compete in amateur fights.

In less than 15 minutes of fighting most of Lawrence’s credibility went out the window. After witnessing the fight I hold a higher level of doubt as to the validity of his experience.

Not calling Justin Lawrence out but show me the money. Show me you are not a guy pretending to be a war hero without have ever serving in the military. Show me that your nose is not growing and that you don’t have a handler named Geppeto. Show me that you are not the focus of a Jim Carrey movie where he has a hard time being able to speak the truth.

I want to believe you Justin. All you have to do is simply “show me the money.”



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15 May 2012

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