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UFC 145: Rashad Evans' Mouth Proves Far Ahead of his Game After Lackluster Loss to Jon Jones

Carl Lange
23 April 2012
Rashad Evans - US Combat Sports

In a performance very similar to the previous five opponents of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Rashad Evans struggled to get anything going. He was unable to put Jones on the mat and his striking was virtually nonexistent aside from a couple punches here and there.

And why should we be surprised? Jones has a reach that is similar to Stretch Armstrong and his takedown defense is perfect in the UFC. However, if we look closer to the prefight hype, we should have known this was going to happen.

This fight was billed as an exciting battle, filled with emotion and ill will between the two. Many believed that this fight had a chance to be a Fight of the Year candidate. This sounds a lot like another fight involving Evans, a 2010 fight with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. And while "Suga" defeated Jackson, the fight was very boring. The pre-fight smack that Evans talked was just that, talk.

Everyone knows that Jones and Evans use to train together, be friends, and that all ended the moment "Bones" defeated Maricio Rua for the strap early last year. From that point forward, any chance Evans had to talk bad about Jones, he did it. Then came the pre-fight interviews as the fight got closer and the trash talk, including accusations of being cocky became more and more.

As the war of words with Jones escalated on the UFC Ultimate Insider, Evans told Jones, "There is such a different experience when you are in there with me. I get you to skip to my lou, and you will skip to my lou. You're going to do exactly what I want you to do."

However, come fight night none of Evans' trash talking came true. Instead, Evans was the one skipping and the different experience was all for "Suga". Jones went on to dominate his opponent by scores of 50-45, 49-46, and 49-46.

Taking nothing from the champion, as he fought a very smart and technical fight, this result leaves us to wonder if Evans will ever live up to his own hype. The safe bet would be no.

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23 April 2012

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