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Madtown Throwdown 28: Tyler Hellenbrand Remains Undefeated After Pummelling Jimmy Kim (VIDEO)

Kyle Carroll
13 August 2012
Tyler Hellenbrand - US Combat Sports

Saturday night at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison the Madtown Throwdown 28 co-main event featured an exciting bout between Tyler Hellenbrand and Jimmy Kim as both fighters entered the cage with perfect records. But that would all change after the hard fought battle that electrified the fans in attendance.

Kim traveled up to Wisconsin's capital from Central Illinois Combat Club along with teammate Matt Wikoff before the Illinois fighter squared off against one of Wisconsin's best lightweight fighters in Hellenbrand.

The large 155-pounder from the Chosen Few electrified the crowd with exciting monster punches that were blasting both fighters in their skulls and the fight didn't get past the first round as Hellenbrand finished Kim in round one at 4:16.

The fight opened up with quick action, as the two warriors launched haymakers towards one another. Kim landed a heavy right hook on the chin of Hellenbrand to start the brawl off.Hellenbrand was dragged to the canvas after he was struck and Kim pulled him down with a single leg takedown.

However, Hellenbrand quickly leaped back to his feet, and fired his cannons in Kim's direction. Once both fighters were on their feet, they were standing in tight firing on all cylinders as they both connected on brutal shots to the head.

The Chosen Few prospect reached on a strike that dropped Kim down to the ground where he pounced on Kim in hopes of a finish. Kim did an excellent job of recovering quickly and smartly moved to a leg of Hellenbrand where he avoided many of the monster strikes from the creature. Once he got Kim rose to his feet again, he unloaded with strikes of his own.

After taking a couple of shots from Kim, Hellenbrand connected with a brutal head kick that rocked Kim, and then followed it up by socking him in the face with a heavy hand that dropped him to the ground again. Kim regained his wits and was able to survive another assault by Hellenbrand.

Once Kim regained his stance, he advanced towards the Wisconsin 155-pounder pushing him against the cage in a clinch. The tough Jimmy Kim of Illinois night would come to an end when the much larger Hellenbrand connects with Kim's chin on a nasty right hook that dropped him flat on his back. After a ground attack of several strikes, Referee Al called the fight.

The fight lasted only a single round, but impressed all the fans as they were cheering in excitement out of their seats. Hellenbrand continues his perfect record and awarded Jimmy Kim his first professional career loss.

Follow US Combat Sports on twitter @uscombatsports and reporter Kyle Carroll @jiblitz77 for updates on future fights. Jimmy Kim can be followed on twitter as well @jimkim145. Check out the full fight video below.

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13 August 2012

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