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Premier FC 11 Tournament Finale: Soap Am, Tyler Rose and Carlos Cadelario Earn Titles

Jeff watts
11 August 2012
Premier FC 11 Tournament Finale: Soap Am, Tyler Rose and Car...

The main event at Premier FC 11 was focused on the idea of capturing an amateur title. With three championship matches taking place in the main event, all were determined to win.

It should be noted that participants in tournaments always run into problems, regardless of what it may be; opponents not showing up to weigh-ins, injuries, maybe a broken foot the day of the fight? Nevertheless, six fighters stood above the rest on Friday at Premier Fighting Championship 11.

The first fight featured tournament replacement Carlos Candelario versus local favorite and tournament standout Jeremy Reiphold. To start this match, Reiphold came out of his corner landing a solid shot on the chin of Candelario, dropping him. As Reiphold swarmed, Candelario shot in with a quick takedown.

Reiphold composed himself well though, and was able to pull a high full guard. Reiphold turned that into a triangle attempt. Candelario went to defend as he plopped down on his rear end, only to find himself swept with Reiphold on top in full mount and landing some solid shots. Candelario survived the round though, leading the crowd into a second round.

Candelario came out attempting a clinch on Reiphold but was reversed and both fighters were against the cage with Reiphold in control. One of the competitors made an adjustment leading to Reiphold getting control of Candelario's waist from behind. Candelario managed to pull guard during a scramble and looked for a triangle choke. Reiphold had other plans as he flipped impressively out of the triangle. Candelario was equally impressive as he quickly changed the triangle into an arm bar that finished the fight.

Soap Am Steals Show

The second title fight featured a rematch between Soap Am and Leon Campbell. It's always interesting to see how the losing competitor will adapt to an opponent during the rematch because, after all, why fix something if it isn't broken right?

Soap came out of his corner in round one looking to set up takedowns with combinations. Campbell stuffed several takedown attempts early. Soap got in low and landed a solid takedown around the middle of the first round; Campbell did a really good job of putting his back against the cage and climbing up, only to have Soap pull his legs out from under him once again. As Campbell attempted to climb the cage for the second time Soap fed him several shots to the face and took his back during a scramble. The sound of the bell brought both competitors to their feet and back to their corners.

This match moved into a second round. Both competitors exchanged jabs as Soap went in for a takedown. Leon thwarted it but found himself on his back with Soap in side control. Soap was in complete control of Campbell in round two as he managed to take Campbell's back landing multiple heavy shots. This allowed Soap to sink in a rear naked choke, which Campbell defended impressively considering the pressure Soap was putting on. The bell brought the round to an end before Soap could complete the rear naked choke.

The third round in the featherweight championship match saw both competitors doing a lot of measuring one another with their jabs. Soap shot in for another takedown which Campbell defended. Soap, relentless, shot in again and this time Campbell attempted what looked like a flying knee. Soap was in deep under the hips of Campbell as Campbell attempted to sink in an arm-in guillotine. As Soap brought Campbell to the mat he defended the guillotine, Campbell attempted an arm bar. With no conclusion to this fight in sight and both competitors putting it all out there, this fight was headed into the championship rounds.

The championship round seemed insanely energetic as both competitors came out of their corners. This time it was Campbell trying to set the pace as he moved forward through some of Soap's jabs. Campbell was trying to put his hands to use but Soap wanted none of it. Periodically Soap threw his jab or leg kick, obviously keeping his distance until he was able to land a solid takedown. Campbell defended and got back to his feet only to be taken back to the mat for the second time in the round. As Campbell transitioned into an arm bar Soap dropped him on his head, and started trying to land some short hammer fists. However, that caused Soap to become too high up in Campbell's guard and with 10 seconds left in the round Campbell locked in a triangle. But this fight was far from over as the bell brought this round to a close, once again, with no finish on either side.

The fifth and final round of this fight saw Soap start off the round with a solid leg kick that Campbell just walked through, as well as a head kick. As Campbell came forward he landed a couple nice leg kicks himself. Campbell, with a sense of urgency about him, was looking to really engage Soap while this fight remained on its feet. This wasn't very long as Soap got deep under the hips of Campbell and deposited him on the mat. The fight ended with Soap Am in complete control of Leone Campbell.

Rose More Able than Abele

The main event of the night featured highly touted Sityodtong fighter George Abele verses Tyler Rose who had trained with local favorite, Nick Newell, for his anticipated welterweight championship match. As the fight started, both fighters met in the center of the cage. Rose started the fight off with a big round hand as he slipped in double under hooks followed by a nice takedown.

Rose took Abele down and slid into side control with ease. He started peppering Abele with shots that forced Abele to scramble out of the situation. Rose stayed with him though, every step of the way, and eventually took his back with both hooks deep. Rose attempted a rear naked choke but settled for back control as the round came to a close.

As round two began, Abele came out throwing some punches and even connecting with a nice leg kick. Again Rose was able to close the distance and get double under hooks, and again Abele was on his back, even if it was just for a moment. Abele used the cage to climb up but with Rose all over him they went right back to the mat. Abele managed to take top position during a scramble but Rose broke off, making space and leading both fighters back to their feet.

It was evident that Abele really wanted to bang but Rose had a game plan and was sticking to it. Rose landed another takedown but Abele managed to land in the guard of Rose, which led Rose to attempt some submissions as the round came to a close. Abele came out throwing some aggressive kicks to the head of his opponent. Rose kept moving forward though and landed another takedown on Abele. Abele once again managed to get to his feet and both fighters threw a lot of kicks. Abele put his striking to use as he backed Rose up. Abele ended the round with his opponent back peddling.

Both competitors seemed refreshed in the fourth round as they both came to the center of the cage. Abele attempted to continue the process from round three. Rose, however, evaded Abele's shots and found himself with double under hooks. Rose landed yet another takedown. Abele, not wanting to remain in that situation, was forced to scramble from the position again. Rose, once again, took Abele's back with both hooks again locked in. Abele tried a roll to shake Rose but was only able to shake a single hook, Rose being in full control of Abele's back as the round came to a close.

Abele came out and must have known he was down in rounds as he came right after Rose, landing some heavy leg kicks and a nice body shot. Rose was back peddling and Abele was coming forward. Rose was covering up really well, evading much of the damage Abele was attempting to inflict. Rose attempted some shots of his own but for the most part round five is all Abele. Sadly that was not enough to win him the fight, and Tyler Rose won through unanimous decision.

Carlos Candelario def. Jeremy Reiphold via Armbar rd 1
Soap Am def. Leon Campbell - Unanimous decision
Tyler Rose def. George Abele Unanimous Decision

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11 August 2012

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