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MMA Summer Showdown: Bushido Dominates and Ring Rules

Trula Howe
06 August 2012
MMA Summer Showdown - US Combat Sports

Fighters, fans and families came out to Miyamura High School in Gallup, NM, Saturday, August 4, 2012, to witness the inaugural belt contests for "New Mexico Extreme MMA" in four amateur weight classes.

The main event featured Jackson-Winkeljohn fighter George Clynes against Bushido MMA's Jerry Sano for the 155-pound belt. After a few short exchanges, Sano was able to back Clynes up against the cage, caught him with a left that Clynes ducked, but unfortunately ran into the well-timed right uppercut that followed. The blow knocked Clynes out cold and gave Sano the belt by knockout in the first round.

Fighter of the night, had it been officially recognized, would have inarguably gone to the youngest and smallest male fighter on the card, Falon Ring out of Mean1 MMA & Fitness in Albuquerque, NM. The 125-pound 18-year-old sprang into action, in his match against Team Kill-It's (Albuquerque) Joseph Hartnell, before the sound of the bell had faded, delivering straight and body kicks.

He quickly took Hartnell down, into a side mount. From there he maneuvered Hartnell's arm behind his back into a kimura lock, and when Hartnell refused to tap, the referee stepped in to stop the fight, giving Ring the win at 1:13. Much more remarkable, however, was the fact that, when belt contender Juan Aranda was forced to step down, Ring stepped up and agreed to face Perez' Malcolm Mitchell.

Again, he ran into the fray, landing body kicks, while Mitchell scored a few jabs, but soon, Ring shot in for a double to a takedown that ended in a full mount. Ring grabbed an arm and pulled it down and over, forcing another submission, this time by arm bar at 1:32 of the first round and the flyweight belt.

There were two other belts earned that evening: Lovato Total Fitness & MMA Fighter Byron Becenti defeated Sanchez MMA's Efrem Thompson in one of only three fights to go past the first round. The two were fairly evenly matched in the first round, Becenti scoring takedowns, Thompson attempting guillotine and gaining side mount, Becenti with a close RNC attempt and Thompson ending the round with uppercut and body kick.

However, Becenti came into the second round with a takedown and worked his way into a north-south position, from which Thompson was forced to tap at :45 of the second frame, giving Becenti the 170-lb belt.

The other belt was won by Bio Dog MMA's Jordan Willoughby against Perez' Fernando San chez after a short round where Sanchez landed a body kick but tripped; Willoughby capitalized and dropped down on Sanchez, raining blows, and when Sanchez got up, quickly pulled guard and a guillotine, forcing Sanchez to tap at 1:05 of the first round and earning him the 145-pound belt.

The most exciting fight of the night, and the only one to go all three rounds, featured Bushido's Armando Rivas (4-0 as an amateur) against LA Boxing's Daniel Martinez, making his MMA debut. The match kept the crowd on their feet and cheering throughout all 3 rounds, each fighter demonstrating more than amateur endurance, and evenly matched skills and power. Rivas won the close unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.

There were 10 other matches that evening, and Bushido MMA had three of them; the little team out of El Paso, TX, owned by pro fighter Hugo Sida and trained by Shane Schuman, came ready and able to win, and that's what they did, taking all five of their matches.

Fernie Garcia (Bushido) defeated Mike Sands (J5 MMA) in the only other fight to go past the 1st round. Sands clearly won the first round with body-dropping takedowns to side mount, staying active, driving knees and dropping elbows and headshots. In round two Sands again picked Garcia off the mat and dropped him, continuing with rib shots and driving knees, but Garcia was able to lock in a body triangle just in time, and Sands was forced to tap at 2:55 of the second round.

Eddie Gamboa (Bushido) def. Mike Escobar (Lujan's TKD) by TKO at 2:11 of the 1st round.

Julio Hinojosa (Bushido) def. Kyle Basinger (Independent) by KO at 2:03 of the 1st round.

The female fight of the night featured Shasta McMurry (Fight Ready MMA of Scottsdale, AZ) against Ashley Horton (Perez Fighting in Belen, NM) in a quick match where McMurry caught Horton with a quick jab combo, pushing her against the cage into a takedown. McMurry scrambled around to take Horton's back and applied the RNC, making Horton tap at :36 of the 1st round.

Tallie Touchine (Sanchez) def. Michael Young (Mean1) at 2:27 of 1st round by referee stoppage due to arm bar, when Young did not tap after elbow was dislocated.
John Gurule (Lovato) def. Sam Goad (Perez) by TKO at 2:34 of the 1st round.
Scott Lavallie (Freak Animal Fitness of Mesa, AZ) def. PJ Jaramillo (LA Boxing, Socorro) by TKO at 1:30 of the 1st round.
Michael Asmar (Duke City Ronin) def. Tyson Hineo (Sanchez) by TKO at 2:21 of the 1st round.
David Hernandez (Bio Dog) def. Cody David (Lovato) by RNC submission at :27 of the 1st round.
Murray Lovato (Sanchez) def. Philip Perez (Perez) by RNC at 1:48 of the 1st round.

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06 August 2012

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