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Renaissance Fight Night: Rodney Wallace Knocks Out Aaron Johnson, Doesn't Win Title Due To Missing Weight

Rick Piel
01 August 2012
Rodney Wallace - US Combat Sports

The Fight Party Promotions hosted "Renaissance Fight Night" over the weekend, their first fight in Alabama and coincidentally the first ever fight in Montgomery, the state capital and home of the Alabama Athletic Commission.

Facing some early challenges, The Fight Party had to learn a new set of rules as Alabama's drastically vary from those of Georgia. The promotion also faced fighters not coming in on weight and blood work issues that constantly seem to plague Alabama promoters.

Nevertheless, The Fight Party had a successful show that featured some of Montgomery's finest as well as other great fighters around the region including a nationally notable main event between UFC veteran Rodney "ShoNuff" Wallace and Aaron "Tex" Johnson.

The headlining bout began with Johnson hold Wallace against the cage but unable to take the big guy down. This was an all out fist fight with "ShoNuff" getting the better of "Tex" with uppercuts before going to the mat where ShoNuff dealt some heavy ground-and-pound. On the ground Johnson went for the submission but it just did not take.

Round three was all Wallace as he opened up with a jumping knee, head kick, and several upper cuts before going back to the ground for some serious ground-and-pund by "ShoNuff". Heading into round four, both combatants opened up with a furry of exchanges before once again heading to the ground. Wallace dropped Johnson with a kick to the Solar plexus and following with a brutal hook that landed.

Ultimately, Wallace earned an impressive victory with his fourth round knockout over Johnson. However, "ShoNuff" was unable to make weight prior to the matchup meaning that he was unable to win the title.

The co-main event was supposed to be Lee "Leatherneck" Stuckey of Guerilla Fitness vs. Aaron Hall of Rush MMA. This fight got bumped due to a medical issue and Daniel Watts vs. Mike Dubois were moved up to the co-main showdown.

When the bell rang both guys met in the center of the mat and the let the fist fly. Watts was the first to shoot the takedown and try for a submission. Dubious gained top control and once again Watts tried the takedown. At 3:45 into the very first round Watts was submitted by an arm bar giving Dubious the win.

The talk of the night centered on novice professional fighter Brad Charland from SWATS MMA. Set to make just his second fight of his career, Charland fell ill after consuming a liquid earlier in the night. Charland was unaware that the drink contained a fruit he is severely allergic to and became sick in the dressing room forcing the physicians to be called in.

One physician openly stated the fight should not go on while another physician stated it was ok. But the show must go on. Just before the bell rang the fight was delayed once again as Charland could barely stand up. At 13 seconds into the first round Charland was struck by a flying knee and was out via a TKO giving Rock the win.

Charland's participation in the event raises many questions about maintaining the safety of the fighters. Quite simply, Charland should never have been allowed to enter the fight and never should have been subjected to the possibility of being knocked out in just seconds.

185 – Rondey Wallace def Aaron Johnson at 4:00 of R4 via KO
170 – Mike Dubois def Daniel Watts at 3:43 of R1 via Submission (Kimura)
155 – Kevin Smith def Chris Craft at 3:25 of R1 via TKO
170 – Rock Georges def Brad Charland at :13 of R1 via TKO

Amateur MMA
185 – Maurice Jones def Brandon Lovett via Unanimous Decision
185 – Carl Brown def DeMarcus Sharpe via Split Decision
135 – Cody Carter def Ramey Ayala via Unanimous Decision
170 – J.T. Burque def Aaron Willinger at 2:37 of R3 via Submission (Americana)

* Lee Stuckey and Aaron Hall fight was cancelled due to medical issues.
*Derrick James Vs Alex Nicholson fight also cancelled due to Blood work.

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Special Reporting Assistance via Alabama MMA's: Sayge Grubbs, Chatiz Ortiz and Kyara Lawson
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01 August 2012

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