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Warehouse Rumble 2: Torres Earns Split Decision Over Gomez, Crespin Outpoints Rojas

Trula Howe
28 July 2012
Josh Torres - US Combat Sports

Josh "Pitbull" Torres won a hard-fought victory over the more experienced Joe Gomez after six rounds of action as the main event at Chavez' Promotions "Warehouse Rumble 2: Friday Night Fights" at the YDI Wool Warehouse, on July 27, 2012.

Torres (8-2-1 of Team Tapia in Albuquerque) easily took the first and second rounds, landing overhands and hooks followed by uppercuts on the taller opponent, but Gomez (18-7-1 of Bloomfield, NM) landed his own fair share of jabs and body shots.

The second and third rounds saw more bodywork and hooks landed by Gomez, while Torres spent more time defending. Torres came back in the fifth round, using more angles, landing a few big left hooks, but Gomez chin was solid, and countered nearly every shot, though not with the same power.

Both fighters came out as hard in the last round as they had in the first, each leaving everything in the ring; but Torres landed multiple consecutive right hooks, and one last shot that knocked out Gomez' mouthpiece, just seconds before the final bell. Torres won the split decision, but was quick to acknowledge the difficulty of the fight.

"I put myself to the test tonight against the experience of Joe Gomez and came out victorious. I wanted the KO, but he came to fight! I know I have a lot to work on, but I will continue to learn from each fight and promise to keep training hard."

The co-main event featured Albuquerque's Nazareth Rojas (6-7-1) against Las Vegas boxer Arturo "El Toro" Crespin (7-2) in another six round battle that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. The first round was fierce, each looking to finish the fight early.

Rojas took the second round with body shots and uppercuts, bloodying Crespin's nose, but Crespin came back and took third and fourth rounds with relentless body work and his own jarring hook combinations, opening a cut on Rojas' eyebrow. Rojas responded in the fifth with his own bodywork, and a few left hooks. Crespin, however, did more work in the judges' eyes, and won the unanimous decision after six rounds.

There were three other matches that night, each as brilliantly matched at the main events:

Albuquerque's Cristian Cabral (4-0) won against Team Roswell's Michael Herrera (0-2) in a disappointing technical decision after an exciting two rounds, the first taken by Cabral, but the second clearly by Herrera. However, a legal cut over his eyebrow bled profusely enough that the ring doctor determined that he could not fight.

Albuquerque's Fernando "Ferocious" Reyes (2-1) defeated Roswell's Guto Feliciano in his professional boxing debut, after four emotionally-charged rounds, the last of which Reyes scored a knockdown in the final seconds. Feliciano hopped right back up in frustration, but the knockdown was good, and Reyes won the unanimous decision.

John "Smiley" Herrera (3-3-1 of Team Roswell) defeated Antonio Garcia (1-2 of Santa Fe) after nearly rounds of well-matched boxing, featuring a greater quantity of blows thrown by Garcia, many blocked by the guard of Herrera. But Herrera picked his shots and made the faster, stronger blows count, as shown by the fourth round; Herrera scored a knockdown and only seconds later, when Garcia doubled-over, the referee stopped the fight, giving Herrera the TKO at 2:36 of the fourth round.

Chavez Promotions announced that their next event will be taking place at Albuquerque Convention Center in just a few months. More information may be found at their new Facebook page.

Photos courtesy Will Fox

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28 July 2012

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