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UFC on Fuel TV 4: Chris Weidman Dominates Fellow Wrestler Mark Munoz, Is Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva Next?

Kyle Carroll
12 July 2012
UFC on Fuel TV 4: Chris Weidman Dominates Fellow Wrestler Ma...

"Baldwin Baby" were the words of Chris Weidman as the Baldwin, New York native finished off Mark Munoz in impressive fashion as the main event of "UFC on Fuel TV 4". Weidman owned his opponent in all aspects of mixed martial arts Wednesday night in California.

Weidman opened the bout out with an excellent single leg to a dump that dragged Munoz down to the canvas. Once on top, the Hofstra All-American controlled the college national champion on the ground not allowing Munoz to escape. The speed of Weidman proved to be much for the Oklahoma state champion, as he was not able to use his heavy hands.

After a whole round of excellent transitions and relentless attacks by the "All-American" Weidman, the father of two opened the second round with another precise, and identical takedown as in the first round. He continued his attacks in the grapping game, until Munoz slipped out and finally got to his feet.

Once on his feet Munoz was looking for a knockout with his heavy fists as he throw a monster bomb Weidman's way, which was countered by an excellent right elbow across the face, splitting the skull of Munoz open instantly. After a brutal attack while on the ground, Munoz was finished in the second round via TKO.

"I believe I can get a finish over one of the best fighters of all time in Anderson Silva," said Weidman afterwards. Every time Weidman has had a full training camp, he has finished each one of his opponents off dating back to his first MMA fight.

The MMA world might want to see another fight from Weidman's belt before allowing him a shot at the best MMA fighter of all-time, but as of now and after seeing a dominant performance such as on "UFC on Fuel TV 4", there is no one else in the UFC middleweight class that matches up better, or has shown a reason to get a title fight before the young rising UFC middle weight star.

Chris Weidman is coached by an elite staff with Tom Longo and former UFC champion Matt Serra. This highly talented rising middle weight brings an open mind to the sport as he trains in all aspects of mixed martial arts. If anyone has a shot at winning the middle weight title with a victory over Anderson "the Spider" Silva, it would be Chris Weidman.

At 6'2" Weidman enters the Octagon with a 78-inch reach, excellent wrestling skills, and always evolving talented skills in BJJ. Don't be shocked if Dana white decides to match Silva and Weidman up since they both fought with in five days of each other and could easily start camp after a little time off. Everyone wants to see the best fighters in the world fight more often which has been an issue with the UFC. Champions should at least defend their belts two to three times a year.

If Weidman doesn't get a title bout after this win, expect a bout against either Mike Bisping or Allen Beltcher. An excellent victory with pure dominance, Weidman earned his TKO win along with knockout of the night earning an extra 40 grand in the second round.

For more updates on the "All-American" Chris Weidman follow him on twitter (@chrisweidmanufc) and by following US Combat Sports (@uscombatsports) and Kyle Carroll (@jiblitz77).

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12 July 2012

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