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SWMMA Comes to Albuquerque's National Guard Armory as Armando Rios Subs Kevin Smith in Main Event

Trula Howe
25 June 2012
SWMMA Comes to Albuquerque's National Guard Armory as A...

Albuquerque's National Guard Armory played host to SWMMA: Massacre, an amateur MMA event, which took place June 23, 2012, outside on a warm summer night.

Teams from around New Mexico and Texas were represented such as Takai Mine Karate (Albuquerque), Bushido MMA (Arlington, TX), J5 MMA (Grants), Gracie-Barra (Albuquerque), Clube de Jiu Jitsu Pitbull (Albuquerque), and Bio Dog MMA (Gallup).

There were five fights, and the main event featured Bushido's Armando Rivas against Takai Mine's Kevin Smith. Smith started the action with a couple jabs then shot for a takedown, but the two clinched against the cage until Rivas scrambled around and got the takedown. They battled for dominance the rest of the round, with Rivas attempting a triangle to finish the first.

Smith had a takedown in the second round, but Rivas stood them back up then delivered his own body-slamming takedown, finishing the second round in the dominant position again. Rivas started the third round with a takedown into side mount, but Smith quickly stood them back up. However, Rivas was able to take Smith's back, and at 2:06 of the round three, Smith was forced to tap due to rear-naked-choke.

Greg Chavez (Pitbull BJJ) faced Aaron Aguilar (Independent of Socorro) at 155; Aguilar started with a leg kick, but Chavez quickly took him down, got side mount, then full mount, then scrambled around to take Aguilar's back. Aguilar stood up, but was forced to tap at 1:33 of the first, for a standing RNC.

Ruben Garcia (Gracie-Barra) defeated Chance Tafoya (Socorro Independent) for three full rounds, in which the two exchanged body kicks, knees. Garcia dropped Tafoya in the first round with a right hook, but the bell rang immediately after. The two came back at it in the second round, and actually knocked each other down, but Garcia finished the round with a leg hook take down. After three rounds, Garcia was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Asher Bay (Albuquerque independent, cornered by WEC fighter Ox Wheeler and boxing legend Rudy Lovato) made quick work of independent Daniel Barela. Bay started with a leg kick, and then Barela shot in to attempt a double. Bay stuffed and responded with his own takedown. Barela reversed into Bay's guard, posturing up to drop shots on Bay's head. But Bay pulled out a slick arm bar and the win at 48 seconds of the first round.

Bio Dog's Jordan Willoughby faced Que Loco's Steven Baca; Baca struck first, then Willoughby responded with a guillotine attempt. Baca escaped and took Willoughby down, but Willoughby responded by pulling an arm through and tightening the triangle for the win at 1:10 of the first round.

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photo by Dave Friedlander

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25 June 2012

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