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Strikehard Productions 15: Taylor Stops Eason with First Round Submission

Rick Piel
17 April 2012
Strikehard Productions 15: Taylor Stops Eason with First Rou...

In one of the best shows in Alabama since the instillation of regulation Strikehard Productions impressed on all levels over the weekend, especially the much anticipated main event between super heavyweights Cody Eason and DJ Taylor.

Serving as the highlight of the night and ultimately earning the USCS Fight of the Night was Eason (Relentless Fight Club & Full Blast Dojo) challenging Taylor (Team Hype, Skyy Boxing, Headhunters Crossfit/MMA Gym) in what was an epic battle.

While the fight was originally scheduled for 2010, both agreed to postpone the fight until it was sanctioned and under the guidance of the Alabama Athletic Commission. The initial delay only helped to build up suspense for the battle of behemoths.

Both fighters entered the cage amongst an extremely excited fan base as the walkout area was filled with fans and supporters. In the video below you can actually see one child take a photo of Eason with his iPad.

The action began with Taylor throwing the first punch and connecting with two initial blows stunned Eason. After a step back Taylor charged and pushed Eason against the cage wall and continued with blows until Eason responded by pushing Taylor back and pinning him against the adjacent wall.

Eason kept up the pressure and eventually pushed Taylor across the cage but just before hitting the cage wall Taylor spun Eason around and pinned him throwing several knees to Eason leg. The two stayed wrapped up for a while before Taylor actually tried to throw Eason across the cage.

As Eason swung around Taylor connected with a rock hard punch to Eason's eye and down he went. With Taylor continuing his charge in an incredible effort Eason kept his composure and fought off the barrage of hits coming from Taylor. But as Eason tried his best to rise to his feet Taylor moved around his opponent and was able to sink in a rear naked choke that would force Eason to submit.

Both competitors showed incredible sportsmanship and respect afterwards. With the victory Taylor remains the undisputed heavyweight and super heavyweight champion of Strikehard Productions.

The co-main event was another exciting battle between Matt Ward of Team Triad and Jay Wilson from Kryponite MM. Wearing his noticeable bright yellow walkout gear Ward was able to secure a first round submission due to armbar.

Along with a great night of mixed martial arts action was also a stellar drum performance by Rhythm Entertainment Group as The University of Alabama JROTC Honor Guard held up the USA and Alabama Colors as Justin Langford performed the National Anthem on trumpet; the crowd went wild before the fights even began.

Special guests in the house included USA Bronze Olympic Medalist from the Beijing Olympics Deontay Wilder and his trainer and Skyy Boxing Gym OwnerJay Deas. Also in the house was former University of Alabama linebacker and National Champion Eryk Anders. Anders has graduated and is now training to be a MMA fighter. With several fights under his belt, Anders is shaping up to be another champion in the cage.

DJ Taylor def Cody Eason via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in R1
Matt Ward def Jay Wilson via Submission (Arm Triangle) in R1
Chris Johnson def Brad Johnson via Submission (Armbar) in R2
Carson Bendock def Jayden Bullard via Submission (Mata Leao) in R2
Riley Matheson def Jason Cole via Submission (Mata Leao) in R1
Tim Rhodes def Scott Brooks via Submission (Armbar) in R1
Mark Holt def Kameron Von Ostrand via Submission in R2
Chazz Walton def Movable Downs via Submission (Mata Leao) in R2
Gabe Pappanostos def Keifer Hammack via Submission (Armbar) in R2
Jason Yearta def DJ Deerman via Submission in R1
Dylan Gibson def Robert Terrill via Submission (Guillotine) in R1
Josh Garner def Will Maxwell via Submission (Guillotine) in R1

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Photography & Video by: Piel Photography / Alabama MMA

Last Modified:
17 April 2012

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