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Angelo Sanchez and Donald Sanchez Victorious at KOTC Night Stalker: Rematch for the Bantamweight Belt Now Set

Trula Howe
16 January 2012
Donald Sanchez - US Combat Sports

Angelo Sanchez and Donald Sanchez will now face each other for the King of the Cage Bantamweight World title, after each won their main event bouts at KOTC Night Stalker, Saturday, January 14, at Buffalo Thunder Casino, which is also where the title fight is scheduled to be held, on May 12, 2012.  

The four-man tournament for belt contention consisted of Richard “Juggernaut” Schiller (8-5-1), Angelo “San I Warrior” Sanchez (12-3 of SF BJJ), Chris “The Urban Legend” Culley (12-9 of Millennia MMA), and Donald Sanchez (24-12 of FITNHB and former title holder.) 

Angelo Sanchez took on the 39-year-old Schiller, in the final fight of the night, striking first with an overhand right, followed by a leg kick. Schiller grabbed Sanchez’ leg, and held on for a takedown. He was finally successful, but it was a mistake to try and grapple with the jiu jitsu practitioner. 

Although Schiller gained side mount, Sanchez unworriedly walked his way up the cage, thwarting multiple attempts to advance position, then trapped one of Schiller’s arms, for an arm bar attempt that morphed into a triangle, then back to an arm bar, which forced Schiller to tap at 4:01 of the first round. 

This win earned Sanchez his purple belt in BJJ, and he now advances to face the last person he lost to, Donald Sanchez, in a split decision at KOTC Honor in May 2010.

Sanchez Stops Culley

Donald Sanchez faced Chris Culley as the co-main event, opening up the match with leg kicks and jabs, not giving Culley any opportunity to use his notable standup. Culley clinched up with Sanchez against the cage, the two exchanged knees, until Sanchez landed a knee to Culley’s head, tripped Culley to the ground and then took his back. 

Culley narrowly avoided a rear naked choke-attempt by turning in toward Sanchez, but Sanchez capitalized and took full mount, dropping elbows, until Culley was forced to turn his back to Sanchez again.  This went back and forth, Culley unable to escape the mount, Sanchez raining hard elbows and head shots, until at 4:45 of the first round, the referee called a stop to the match, giving Sanchez the win by TKO and the advancement to the bantamweight title match. 

Both Angelo and Donald Sanchez are eager for the upcoming Bantamweight title match, with the first anxious to get a win against his last victorious opponent, while the latter anxious to “get my belt back!”

Moore Chokes Yazzie

Bill Moore (2-0 ABQ BJJ) defeated Blackwater MMA’s Terrin Yazzie (0-1) in Yazzie’s professional debut. Yazzie started the match with some good jabs, but Moore quickly shot in and grabbed Yazzie up for a takedown into half guard. 

Yazzie thwarted an arm bar but gave up the full mount; in his struggle to escape the full mount, he gave up his back to Moore, who seized the RNC for the win at 1:46 of the first round.

More Sanchez Success 

Joby Sanchez (3-1 of Chavez Dojo) defeated Daniel Armendariz (4-10 of J5 BJJ/MMA) in the only professional fight to go into the second round.  Armendariz led with a couple jabs, but Sanchez answered with a right then a takedown, and dropped body and head shots. 

Armendariz weathered the storm, and stood the fight back up, only to get hit by a head kick and another takedown by Sanchez, who opened up a cut on Armendariz’ forehead.  The second round began with another takedown by Sanchez, into Armendariz’ guard; Armendariz showed considerable flexibility, using rubber guard to attempt a body triangle, but when neither could advance, the referee stood them up. 

Armendariz ran Sanchez into the cage and landed a couple knees before Sanchez reversed to a takedown into Armendariz guard, then quickly scrambled to his back and applied a rear naked choke, forcing Armendariz to tap at :42 of the second round.

The undercard featured fighters from all over New Mexico as well as several from Arizona, with Blackwater MMA in Chinle, AZ, and Power MMA in Gilbert, AZ, new sister gym to FITNHB.

Stacey Sigala (The Works MMA in Hobbs, NM) def. Zuhey Quezada (SF BJJ) by Unanimous Decision.

Tim Sosa (FIT NHB) def. Rudy Kennedy (No Mercy in Gallup, NM) by TKO at 1:15 of 2nd round.

Joey Miolla (Power MMA) def. Dorian Dixon (Rosales) by Unanimous Decision.

Steven Gonzalez (SF BJJ)  def. Derek Perez (Perez Fighting, Belen, NM)  by tapout at 2:11 of 1st round.

Charlie Williams (FIT NHB) def. Jerald Tsosie (Blackwater MMA) by TKO at :22 of 2nd round, a controversial decision after what looked to have been a low blow that was not seen by referee.

Eric White (ABQ BJJ) def. Fernando Sanchez (Perez Fighting) by standing guillotine at :48 of 1st round.

Laure Burley (Power MMA) def. Tombert Frank (J5 BJJ/MMA) by TKO at 1:52 of 1st round.

Malcolm Mitchell (Perez Fighting) def. Sergio Gutierrez (FITNHB) at 1:29 of 1st round, when referee called a potentially early stop to the fight, that had the crowd protesting loudly.

Aaron Wilson (Power MMA) def. Steven Baca (Halo 8) by TKO at 1:12 of 1st round.

photo by Dave Friedlander
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16 January 2012

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