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Alistair Overeem Kick Boxing and MMA Seminar at Guy Mezger's Sports Club - Photo Highlights

Ted Gambordella
20 June 2011
 Alistair Overeem Kick Boxing and MMA Seminar at Guy Mezger&...

The Alistair Overeem Kick Boxing MMA seminar at Guy Mezger's Combat Sports Club in Dallas was a great event. Mr. Overeem and his brother Valentijn were professional exciting and definetly lived up to their hype. The class ranged from kicks, to knees, to attacks, and defenses with lots of emphasis on what actually works in an MMA ring, rather than just what works in a dojo.  

The Overeem brothers are incredibly huge and powerful and it became quite evident  when demonstrating their kicking techniques on some of the students and bags at the seminar. They actually knocked the stuffing out of some of the heavy pads, and the volunteers holding the pads were knocked around like rag dolls. 

Both men were patient and dedicated to assuring that the students at the seminar learned as much as possible and how to effectively apply the techniques in the ring. And we might add, they are huge...and we mean huge. It is not wonder that Alistair is the knock out and submission king that he is, and could very well be the next UFC heavyweight champion as soon as Dana White invites him over. 

This seminar continued Guy Mezger's tradition of having the best of the best fighters and teachers do training at his Combat Sports Club in Dallas, TX and showed once again why Guy's club is one of the best in the South. 

You can see all the highlights of the training at this link.

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20 June 2011

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