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Mail Order Blood Testing: Good or Bad? Is It Legal in My State?

Rick Piel
13 February 2012
Mail Order Blood Testing - US Combat Sports

Mail Order Blood Testing is the new talk on social media amongst amateur fighters looking for ways to cut cost. Many have turned to trying to use these facilities as a way of saving money while others may be trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.  

In states that have recently sanctioned mixed martial arts, several people have started campaigns to try and convince their state commission and sanctioning body to allow these type tests. But before you rush to the mailbox ask yourself is mail order testing is legal, reliable and accepted by your state’s fight commissions.

Some states spell out their guidelines very specifically and some do no on this matter. Ultimately it is the decision of the state commission, not the sanctioning body, to determine the acceptance of certain labs. It is highly recommended that fighters not waste their money on these mail order tests without finding out if these tests will even be accepted.

If these tests are not done by a State Certified Testing facility, they simply will not be accepted. In a state like Alabama, The Alabama Athletic Commission (A.A.C.) will not accept mail order results and all tests must be done by an approved testing facility according to one A.A.C. representative.

After all, this is not about saving money when it comes to the State Commission, it is about whether or not a fighter is legally allowed to fight in accordance to their guidelines for safety in the ring.

Mail order labs raise a number of questions including, how reliable are some of these labs? Are these labs state certified? Are these labs approved by the government or it is just someone down the street taking someone’s money and basically certifying everyone that pays.

The issue basically falls into two categories:

One, does your State Commission allow these type tests: yes or no? And two, are these companies accepted by your state agency as a legitimate, legal company: yes or no?

These questions can only be answered by your state commission. In the case of Alabama, the answer is: the testing facility must be State Approved and must be from a company i.e. Lab Corps or a military facility. There may be a few more accepted, but that can only be answered by the A.A.C.

Do not go out and get tested without first finding out if your facility will be approved. Fighters should be aware that if their tests are not accepted, they will not be able to fight. Their results could actually be turned down fight night if not approved in advance.

Blood Testing is very important, the key element is: are these tests reliable because it is for the safety of both fighters in the cage, the officials and staff as well as spectators around the cage that could be subject to bodily fluids. Communicable diseases are very serious and this is the bottom line.  

To get the real answers, get with your State Commission before doing any type testing. You may save money in the long run.

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13 February 2012

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