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Team Chamber MMA Puts Stamp on Rock & Ink Expo

Eric Kowal
15 January 2012
Team Chamber MMA - US Combat Sports

It only seems natural that when you combine rock music and professional tattooing mixed martial arts should fit right in, or maybe I’m just assuming that the majority of MMA fans are like me.

The first annual Rock and Ink Expo was held at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania this weekend and Team Chamber MMA of neighboring city, East Stroudsburg was there in full force.

The three-day expo saw more than a dozen local tattoo parlors leaving their mark on patrons wanting to go under the needle for that permanent piece of artwork they have always been wanting. Along with the ink and piercings came the rock music as nearly 20 bands played over the weekend.

Team Chamber MMA was one of the local businesses that purchased booth space to attract new clientele.

Last night, Don Cioffi, head instructor and owner of the gym brought several of his amateur and professional fighters to the theater to put on a nearly 30-minute demonstration of what Team Chamber is all about.

Cioffi and his staff covered techniques of the sport from head-to-toe assuming that there would be people in the crowd who were unfamiliar with the sport - and there were.

“I had no idea what they were talking about but it peaked my interest,” said one of the concession stand workers.  “I found myself paying more attention to what they were doing than pouring the drinks,” she said.  Fearful that she might get in trouble she asked me to withhold her name from the article.

Cioffi’s son Donnie, a professional mixed martial artist demonstrated some pad while Rich Patishnock another pro in the camp, demonstrated the use of some brutal leg kicks.

The biggest cheer of the night came when seven-year old Cody Miller displayed his striking ability with coach Cioffi. 

When asked if Miller had any fights yet under his belt he reluctantly said “no.”

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You can see a full rundown of the night’s festivities in the attached video and photo galleries.

Youtube Video

Article and Video by Eric Kowal

Photos by William McKee

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15 January 2012

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