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Rapper Mac Lethal Mentions Sonnen and Machida in New Viral Video

Eric Kowal
11 January 2012
Lyoto Machida, Rap Sensation? - US Combat Sports
“I’m the Chael Sonnen of rap music,” says Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal at the end of the video “Look At Me Now” which has gone viral on YouTube since its release last month.

Born David McCleary Sheldon, Mac Lethal hosts Black Clover Radio Hour on the Kansas City station 96.5 The Buzz and has been winning emcee battles since the late 1990's.

The high-speed pace at which Lethal raps can be hard to follow but what has caught the ears of mixed martial arts fans besides his self-comparison to UFC middleweight contender Sonnen is a mention to former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida in the same song.

What’s the purpose?  It’s actually a good one. 

Lethal sends a message to rap artist Chris Brown who was arrested several years ago for beating up then girlfriend, Rihanna, also a well-known musical artist.

“Chris Brown broke up with Rihanna so he lookin for another silly idiotic hoe he can beat up. I wish that he was man enough to get inside the Octagon with me I'd knock him out like I'm Lyoto Machida, front kick to the face just by throwin my feet up.”

Of course Lethal’s Machida reference goes back to when he knocked out UFC Hall of Famer, Randy Couture at UFC 129 in April 2011. That knockout sent Couture into retirement and was highlighted as one of the knockouts of the year.

With albums like “Men are from Mars, Porn Stars are from Earth” and Mixtapes like “the Love Potion Collection” and “North Korean BBQ” it is hard to imagine why many do not take him too seriously.  An initial reaction may be to compare him to comedic musicians such as Weird Al Yankovic.

The video for “Look at Me Now” features Lethal preparing morning breakfast in his kitchen and starts with lyrics “Yo, yellow cheese, eggs, white pancake baatterrrr” and from there it gets too complicated for me to follow.

I do know though that when I listen to rap music I do prefer the subject to be about the healthiest meal of the day and not about gangs and violence.

You can view the video below:

Youtube Video
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11 January 2012

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