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Jarret Jones: More prepared than ever against Mitchell Hale, for 24-7 Enemy of the State

Trula Howe
18 April 2013
Jarret Jones: More prepared than ever against Mitchell Hale,...

Twenty-Four Seven Entertainment presents “Enemy of the State” this Friday night, at Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, TX; an evening of professional MMA featuring fighters from around Texas.

Shark Fights veteran Jarret Jones (6-6 of West Texas MMA) will face Mitchell Hale (6-4 of Future Fitness Fight Team) as the main event, with a match between another SF veteran, Anselmo Luis Luna (7-3 of Jackson’s MMA) against Damon Jackson (4-0, Bellator and KOTC fighter) as the co-main. Also on the main card is a title contention between Sherdog Prospect Ricky McCall (4-0 of Bushido MMA) against Neal Ewing (3-0, Dallas, TX), and another 11 matches featuring local fighters, sure to please the hometown crowd.

This card will be the third time Jones has fought for the three-year old promotion, and his first time as the main event. A Texas native, born and raised in Odessa, Jones played football and ran cross-country throughout high school. “I played sports all my life, but after high school I found BJJ at West Texas MMA, which shortly let to MMA.” At WTXMMA he earned his purple belt in BJJ, and began his amateur cagefighting career in 2007, earning a 4-1 record over the course of year. He made his professional debut in 2009, and has since then put together an even 6-6 record, finishing 5 opponents by submission and the other by TKO; he has himself not been submitted as a pro.

Jones has had some difficult fight to date, but maintains that the hardest is yet to come: “Mitchell is a tough opponent, and the fact that he has enough confidence to jump up into my weight class in front of my hometown says something. However, it’s also the most prepared for a fight, that I’ve ever been.” His preparation for the fight includes strength and conditioning at Basin Crossfit and JJones Strength Gym (both of which he manages), and full-time training at WTXMMA, where he is also one of the coaches

Once this fight is over, Jones is pretty clear about his future plans: “I train constantly, I don’t even watch fights on TV; I’m not a fan, just an athlete. I have no heroes. I’m just living my plan in MMA; fight when I can, make a little money to take care of my family. If the big show calls, I'll be there to answer; but at this point in my career, it's about pleasing the fans with a good show and doing what I love.”

When he’s not training for a fight, managing one of his gyms or coaching others, Jones has no problem filling his spare time: “Spare time? I let you know when I find some. With training, running two gyms, coaching and being a super-dad/husband, I’m pretty much booked, all day, every day. That’s why I made my hobbies my life. Work isn’t work when you enjoy it.”

For more information on the upcoming event, visit Twenty Four Seven Entertainment on Facebook, or visit their website www.24-7fighting.com.

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18 April 2013

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