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Williams Gets Decision Hinojosa Submits Jones, at 24/7's 'No Remorse'

Trula Howe
18 February 2013
Williams Gets Decision Hinojosa Submits Jones, at 24/7'...

24/7 Entertainment brought amateur MMA to Midland in a big way, this past Saturday, Feb., 16, at Midland’s Horse Show Arena. The show, 'No Remorse' featured 13 amateur MMA fights, and filled the floor of the arena, with more than half of the fighters making their ring debut; the card displayed talent from around West Texas and New Mexico. The evening’s main event saw West Texas MMA’s Jonathen Nieto (3-1) against Ferocity’s Alec Williams (2-0) at 155-lbs. There were three nearly identical rounds of brief standup exchange followed by takedowns for Williams, and Nieto’s frustrated attempts to escape dominant position by the Williams, whose wrestling was evidently superior, but who could not seem to lock in a submission. Williams won the fight by unanimous decision, but the main event was far from the most exciting fight of the evening.

The real fan-favorite and the USCS Fight of the Night was the co-main event, Julio Hinojosa (5-0, El Paso, Bushido MMA) vs Antonio Jones (4-1, Alamogordo, NM) at 205-pounds. Both of these light heavyweights came in fully-prepared: lean, mean, undefeated and game to keep it that way. As soon as the first bell rung, Hinojosa struck first, with a legkick-hook combination, but Jones countered and took Hinojosa’s back, throwing him to the ground, where Hinojosa was able to reverse to a dominant position. The second round saw Hinojosa deliver nasty knees to the body in a Thai clinch, followed by a body-slamming takedown by Jones, which Hinojosa attempted to convert into an arm-bar, but time ran out. Hinojosa wasted no time in the third, pushing the pace with legkicks and knees to the body, and again Jones responded with a takedown, but Hinojosa locked his legs around Jones’ head for the triangle submission, and Jones was forced to tap at 1:13 of the third round, and bringing Hinojosa’s undefeated win streak to 5-0.

Here are the results of the remaining 11 bouts:

Alex Navarro (Odessa) defeated Edgar Baeza (Midland) after several combinations, a guillotine attempt and multiple knees to the body, a quick take-down and some ground-and-pound which opened two cuts on Baeza’s forehead. An illegal knee gave Baeza the timeout, at which time the referee came in to check on the cuts and stopped the fight- loudly contested by the local fans on both sides- giving Navarro the win by TKO at 1:15 of the first round.

Andrew Castellano (Odessa, Warrior Elite) defeated Daniel Sigala (Midland, WTMMA) by split decision: Sigala scored takedowns in every round, although Castellano was able to reverse some of them, as well as attempt some submissions from his guard.

Marc Martinez (Midland, WTMMA) defeated Anthony Valenzuela (Odessa, Brutal) with a triangle choke at 2:16 of the first round.

Casey Ware (Plainview) defeated Jerrell Sprowl (Big Spring) after a first round that looked more like a cockfight, with multiple simultaneous kicks and obvious emotional heat. In the second round, Ware scored a quick takedown, landing in the half guard and passing to full, up against the cage, where the referee called a stop to the fight at 1:09, giving Ware the win by TKO.

Matt Castaneda (Big Spring, 432 MMA) defeated Jesse Reyna (Abilene, Jimmy Ninja Fight Team) in the other 205 pound fight for the evening, after a brutal attack of hook combinations, legkicks and knees to the body, bloodying Reyna, until the ref stepped in and stopped the fight at 1:09, giving Castaneda the win by TKO.

Eduardo Gamboa (El Paso, Bushido MMA) defeated Robert Carter (San Angelo, Ferocity MMA) after the two exchanged legkicks, Gamboa rocked Carter with a straight right, to which Carter responded with a body-slamming takedown to full guard, but Gamboa pulled an arm through and forced Carter to tap, due to triangle submission at 2:44 of the first round.

Geraldo Belloc (Midland, West Texas MMA) defeated Tony Camp (Odessa, Brutal) after a first round where Belloc scored several takedowns, to which Camp responded with a hard kick to the ribs and a guillotine attempt. Belloc took Camp down again in the second, scrambled to Camp’s back and applied a rear-naked-choke, forcing Camp to tap at 1:49 of the second round.

Steven Flores (San Angelo, Ferocity) defeated Martin Zambrono (Big Spring, 432) after 3 fairly even rounds, where, although Flores had the obvious height and reach advantage. Zambrono scored takedowns in each round, but Flores reversed each time. Two of the judges found for Flores, giving him the win by split decision.

Terrence Moore (Amarillo, Elite) defeated Ryan Craghead (Big Spring, 432 MMA), by split decision, after 3 rounds which featured takedowns by Craghead in each round, a solid right hook by Moore in the second round and knees by Moore throughout.

Angel Delgado (San Angelo, Ferocity) defeated Steven Armstrong (Odessa, Brutal) after a quick takedown by Delgado, which Armstrong reversed, but Delgado responded with a triangle attempt. Armstrong escaped but Delgado took his back and applied the RNC at 1:55 of the first round.

Cody King (Amarillo, Elite) defeated Shawn Castillo (San Angelo, Ferocity) in a match which featured takedowns and ground-and-pound for both fighters in all 3 rounds, but toward the end of the third, King - from his back, while Castillo was trying to drop bombs – put both feet up on Castillo, grabbed his ankles, and reversed to a full mount, then side mount, then stood up, grabbed Castillo’s head and pulled guard for the guillotine at 2:55 of the third round.

24-7 Entertainment and 24-7 Amateur Association has been around for about two years, but “No Remorse” - which was sponsored by Miller Lite, Permian Basin Eye Care, Walker Air Conditioning, Brianna's Pizza, Tara Simmons Insurance Agency, and Grande Communications - is the promotion’s tenth event, with seven prior MMA (both pro and amateur) and two grappling events. Their next event is an all pro card, on April 19th, and features as the main event: Mitchell Hale vs Jarrett Jones. For more information on the promotion, visit their website

photos by Steven Tippett

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18 February 2013

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