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Warriors Conquest: Raul Carrillo Defeats Josh Torres via Unanimous Decision in Close Fight

Jorge Hernandez
03 July 2012
Warriors Conquest: Raul Carrillo Defeats Josh Torres via Una...

Saturday night, the city of Longmont, Colorado hosted it's first ever professional boxing card at The Boulder County Fairgrounds. In the main event hometown favorite Raul "Chino" Carrillo (10-1), took on Albuquerque's Josh "Pitbull" Torres (7-2-1).

A decent sized crowd of about 500 was heavily in favor of Carrillo but a small contingent of Torres fans made the seven our drive up north from Albuquerque and made sure they were heard.

Fighting out of Team Tapia in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this would be the first time Torres stepped in the ring since the passing of his trainer 5-time, five-time world champion, Johnny Tapia.

The men appeared to trade the first two rounds. At the start Torres worked the body with effective jabs and hooks. He was also able to catch an off balanced Carrillo with several hard shots to the chin.

In the second stanza, appearing to settle in, Carrillo, outboxed Torres, using effective distanced punches. The Albuquerquean made the round a close with consistent four-punch flurries.

The middle rounds saw no stop in the action between the two men. A very aggressive Carrillo, came out to force much of the action. For most of the third he had Torres backing up unable to counter.

Turning the match into a slugfest in the fourth, Torres slowed Carrillo down by bullying him in the clinch against the ropes, forcing him to go defensive. The road fighter also did a better job of blocking and avoiding punches with constant pacing around the ring, away from Carrillo's right.

Within the first 10 seconds of the fifth round both men matched each others 10-punch flurries. It was just after the second flurry that Carrillo used a pair of lazy jabs to set up a huge right-left-right that rocked Torres. It it were not for one of the lower ring ropes Torres maybe have gone down. A more cognizant referee would have issued a standing 8-count.

Torres, would spend the following two and a half minutes of the round holding and bouncing around the ring attempting to regain his composure.

Despite appear to be on somewhat shaky legs in the final round Torres, would manage to stagger Carrillo with first a left hook to the chin then after three skirmishes the Longmont native would walk into a hard right jab. The men would exchange at closing of the round getting a rise out of the crowd with Torres landing the majority of the scoring.

The pro-Carrillo crowd was very tense before the scorecards were announced they all knew they saw a close six round fight but the scoring did not reflect that.

In a very competitive fight the judges final scorecard was a surprisingly wide one: 59-54, 58-56, 59-55 in a unanimous decision to Carrillo.

Raul Carrillo def. Josh Torres via UD 59-54, 58-56, 59-55
Ronnie Reams def. Daniel Calzada via SD 39-37, 37-39, 40-36
Jeffrey Spencer def. Shane Moore via UD 40-36 (3)
John Montgomery def. Allen Medina via SD 38-37, 37-38, 40-35
Nathaniel Hicks def. Nazareth Rojas 39-37 (2), 37-39
Alfred Romero def Justin Danely via 2nd rd TKO 01:02
Marco Moreno vs Elan Simon - Draw Majority Decision 39-37 Moreno, 38-38 (2)

Press Scoring Score: 57-57 DRAW
New Mexico Boxing (Jose Leon Castillo): 57-56 Torres

Photo Credit: Jorge Hernández-

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03 July 2012

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