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Brawler Boards – Snowboards for Fight Fans (CONTEST)

Eric Kowal
21 February 2012
Brawler Boards – Snowboards for Fight Fans (CONTEST)

“The board is the opportunity to express yourself,” said Kahan Claxton, owner of Brawler Boards. “What does your board say about you?”

Claxton, a long-time fan of mixed martial arts began snowboarding about seven years ago.  Now the Canadian entrepreneur has taken the love of his two favorite sports, put them in a blender, and what resulted was a new line of snowboards wrapped around the MMA theme.

Claxton launched Brawler Boards in Oct. 2011 but has not looked back since.

Thus far the company has released two variations of boards, one called the Ground and Pound, and one in the limited line of fighter signature series boards.  The current fighter featured is Josh “The Dentist” Neer.

The board was designed in collaboration with Neer, and its twin-tipped, reverse camber design allows for easier presses and greater maneuverability said Claxton.

If you noticed the fight shorts of the Dentist last month when he fought  Duane “Bang” Ludwig you would see that Neer represented his newest sponsor Brawler Boards, and he did so in good fashion, choking out Ludwig before the first round concluded.

Snowboarding is an extreme winter sport.  It is physically demanding; never ending changes in speed, terrain and weather mean you will need strength, balance and endurance to transition from edge to edge while maintaining your balance.

“Anyone who follows MMA knows that a fighter will spend months training in preparation for a 15 minute bout,” Claxton said.  “If you are a fighter you are not gonna go in the cage without training.  A lot of people go snowboarding and wonder why they are getting hurt.  It’s because they are not properly conditioning their body.”

Claxton said that snowboarding is complementary to mixed martial arts and running yourself through a rigorous training regimen of plyometrics can help condition your body for both sports.

 “Conditioning is one of the primary tenets of fighting. We believe the same is true for snowboarding. Training prior to opening day reduces injury and can help you push yourself further than you have before.”

Brawler Boards also provides you with a downloadable 20-page conditioning e-book on their website brawlerboards.com

When a board is purchased from the website the purchase price includes shipping and a one-year subscription to Ultimate MMA Magazine.

Claxton said that he started Brawler Boards knowing that he had created something truly genuine.  His idea was unique.  A combination of mixed martial arts and snowboarding had never been done before.

“TapOut is synonymous with MMA,” he said.  “Yeah they sell shirts, jeans, hats, they are a clothing company, but everyone thinks of MMA when you think TapOut.  That’s what I want.”

 Want a Free Snowboard?  Here’s Your Chance

One lucky fan will have the opportunity to take home a snowboard from Brawler Boards absolutely free.

All you have to do is become a fan of Brawler Boards on Facebook.  Click here.

Once you are there pick a winner of the upcoming Bellator featherweight championship bout between Joe Warren and Pat Curran on March 9. 

Post the fighter you predict will win, the method in which he will win and in which round.  All entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. on March 9. 

You can only submit one entry.  All winning submissions will then be entered into a random drawing and a winner will be announced. 

The winner will receive one snowboard from Brawler Boards.  No purchase necessary.

 Get to Know Kahan Clayton of Brawler Boards:

Favorite Fighter:  “Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. Nobody has risen to the top like this guy.”

Favorite Fight:  “My favorite fight of all time hasn’t happened yet.”

Dream Fight:  “Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones”

Favorite Knockout:  “Gabriel Gonzaga over Mirko CroCop”

Person(s) You Want to Meet/Brain You Want to Pick:  The TapOut Crew.  Unfortunately Mask passed away so that can’t happen but I look up to all of them.”
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22 February 2012

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