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53-Year-Old Records Knockout Win After Taking Fight on One Hour’s Notice

Eric Kowal
01 May 2012
Tim Karaker - US Combat Sports

It sounds like a scene from a cheesy 1980's karate movie yet somehow it is not.

A spectator purchases a ticket to a mixed martial arts event hoping to catch an evening of great fights with his friends and family. An hour later that spectator has become part of the show.

That is what happened this past weekend when 53-year-old Tim Karaker gave up his seat and was named a last minute replacement for a fight.

Fire Extreme Championship was held April 28 in Bourbonnais, Ill., and UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar was there to capture it all on film.

How the athletic commission let the fight happen is another story that should probably be looked into, which begs outsiders to ponder was this all a set up to create "buzz" or is the story actually true?

After what was not a very technical few minutes of fighting, Karaker sent opponent Brandon Frey to the canvas with a punch and then followed up with a few more from a dominating top position before the referee intervened.

Bonnar's video of the 53 year besting the 21-year-old has since gone viral.

Obviously both fighters were amateurs so information as to their training and backgrounds is still somewhat sketchy and the rumor mill is getting larger by the hour.

Frey's scheduled opponent dropped out of the fight and apparently the fight promoter, medical examiners, and athletic commission all allowed a volunteer out of the audience to step in and take a chance at being pummeled. Luckily for the commission it did not turn out that way or mixed martial arts in the state of Illinois might cease to exist.

Joe Silva: pick up the phone and give this guy a spot on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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03 May 2012

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