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Take Your Training to the Next Level

Luke Summerfield
15 June 2012
Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Academy

This statement couldn't be truer in the world of mixed martial arts because there is always a next level. With mixed martial arts, the learning never plateaus, and there is always something more you can learn to better yourself mentally or physically.

Measuring Helps

A BJJ Coach understands that having a measuring tool in which to see your progress is critical in anything you do, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class is no exception.

Degrees and belts are primarily used in the world of mixed martial arts to visually render recognition.

In martial arts, for example, you will advance up the ranks with different belts, each have specific skills that need to be accomplished to pass. After you hit black belt, you move to degrees and again each degree has a time frame requirement and various skills that need to be accomplished.

Your coach understands these are important measuring tools that will help you actually 'see' your accomplishments, driving you to want more and do better. They are a motivational tool if you will.

No Limitations

With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all other forms of mixed martial arts, there are no ends, just beginnings. Even the instructors are still learning and progressing higher, and that is the most amazing this about this sort of training.

It's not like taking a math test. The first time you might get 50 percent and the next time 100 and when you hit that mark you have done it all. You can't get any higher than that mark.

A BJJ coach knows that there is no such thing in these classes. Sure there are millions of markers or goals to hit, but there is no end. You will always be learning and progressing, making yourself stronger, more skilled and smarter.

This is what propels people to continue on with these classes; you will always find a sense of pride in your accomplishments and continuously set the bar higher for more accomplishments.

Take even a simple front kick for example. Maybe you are excellent at it. You have the best 'snap' in the class, knee comes up quickly, hips nicely forward, back flat and extension is full. But this isn't where you stop because there is always some tweaking here or there you can do to get better.

That's what is so awesome about mixed martial arts. You are always able to progress forward positively and improve, and what's not to like about that?

Outside the Classroom

Maybe you have been training with a coach for some time now and are looking to extend outside of the classroom to tournament challenges. This is a great way to test your skills against another person from a different training club.

Here is where you can measure your skills against the world. This is where you will reinforce the fact that there are always better methods of doing things, and often it's the combination of what you know and what you gather from others that pushes you forward.

Never limit yourself and with a great BJJ Coach you will quickly learn there are no limitations in being your best!

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15 June 2012

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