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ABQ Crossfit Athlete Adam Baca Reflects on 2012 Death Race and Prepares For Next Year (PHOTOS)

Adam Baca
02 October 2012
ABQ Crossfit Athlete Adam Baca Reflects on 2012 Death Race a...

A few weeks back we told you about three local athletes and owners of Albuquerque Crossfit who braved the insurmountable rigors of the Death Race, an extreme, survivalist 72-hour outdoor race in the wilds of the Vermont Woods.

We'll bring it to you in their words as they look forward to the 2013 Race. The following excerpts are from the personal accounts of Duke City Death Racer, Crossfitter, and professional photographer Adam Baca.

It's been a few months since Chad, Ben, and I ended the 2012 Death Race. Going into the race we had somewhat of an understanding of what we were asking of our bodies, our emotions, and our general psyches. That understanding turned out to be insufficient to immediately deal with the aftermath of the race."

Physical Effects

A combination of the physical fatigue, the lack of sleep with long nights in the Vermont woods, and the places we asked ourselves to go left me (us?) with some obstacles to overcome. I ended the 2012 death race after just less than 50 hours of torment when my left knee swelled rapidly and made it clear that continuing was no longer an option.

Thankfully, the injury to my knee wasn't as bad as it appeared and it has healed with some rest and icing. The swelling in our legs, ankles, and feet came as somewhat of a surprise. Monday morning after the race we all woke up to find that we had no ankles and very little definition in our calves. Our legs from at least the knee down were swollen beyond recognition. Making this even more pleasant were the many cuts, bruises and numerous bug bites sustained in the previous few days.

After about 10 days the swelling subsided. Another week and the general ache and soreness in my body left. After about a month workouts became a little more manageable. Two weeks ago was the first week where I felt like I had some energy and three good workouts in a row.

Emotional Effects

I had heard stories about the emotions that can be a part of recovering from ultra endurance events. I thought the accounts of emotional outbreaks were overstated at the least and I knew it wouldn't happen to me. It did. The first week back I would think of my son and start to get choked up. I'd see a family on the street...same thing. Totally weird. That was the first week. For the next four weeks a wave of anger and frustration hit me. It wasn't pretty but it's over.

Today. Ben, Chad, and I have gotten back to everyday life. In light of some of our experiences after the race we all agreed that we needed to be surrounded by a community of friends and that solo training was not the right thing for now. That being the case our current workout regime has consisted of 3-4 days a week at Albuquerque Crossfit and 1-2 days a week running in the foothills.

As fall approaches we'll transition back into more specific training which will include a combination of strength training, endurance, and general crossfit (Ben's the guy to talk to about the science behind what we do).

Life is good and all three of us look forward to training hard and getting ready for the 2013 race. Only ten more months.

--Adam Baca

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02 October 2012

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