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Where Are They Now: Brian Foster Recovered and Returning to Action at Cage Warriors 44

Monta Wiley
26 September 2011
Where Are They Now: Brian Foster Recovered and Returning to ...

As Ralph Waldo Emmerson once famously said, “fractures well cured makes us more strong”. And for former UFC welterweight contender Brian Foster, the hurdles he has had to overcome in his career have only increased his aspirations of achieving success.

With a professional record of 15-5, and after his UFC debut in 2009, Foster has excited fans with stellar performances that have primarily ended via knockout. Throughout the battles he has had over the years inside the cage, these wars have contributed to his growth not only as a fighter but also as a person.

“All the fights I have been in have helped me to be more humble about life like nothing could ever be as hard ya know”, Foster told US Combat Sports.

His rise to the top however was met with an unexpected turn of events. While preparing for an upcoming fight, he suffered a serious groin injury thus sidelining him from competing in the aforementioned bout. Shortly after, he faced another setback in his MMA career in the form of a brain hemorrhage which resulted in him being unable to fight once again.

Although the road to recovery was difficult, it is Foster’s will and love for fighting that motivated him to move forward in the sport of MMA. Not letting the injuries derail his goals of becoming a world champion Foster has become more focused than ever, training consistently and getting back in shape so he can one day be ready to fight again.

“It was a long road," said Foster. "Six months is a long time for a fighter to be sidelined, I made the best of it staying as fit as I could. It doesn’t take much to motivate me to fight its the one thing in life I love more than anything besides my sons of course."

Now fully recovered, the Illinois native is set to return to action on October 1 at Cage Warriors 44 agains Jack Mason (17-8). For Foster this fight is the culmination of all the months of frustrations he’s had to endure. However these setbacks were merely prolongs to the story he has yet completed in his career as he is prepared to prove all the naysayers wrong with a victory over Manson.

“It feels incredible, like I’m proving a bunch of people wrong which in this sport is another thing I love to do. Don’t doubt me because I’m capable of way more than people give me credit for."

As his career continues to blossom looking back at his journey through all of the hardships he’s had to overcome the H.I.T. Squad fighter is the true definition of what it means to be a fighter in and out of the cage. With his dreams of becoming a success still fresh in his mind, when it’s all set and done Foster hopes to be remembered as a fighter that gave great fights for the fans.

“Being a fighter means a lot considering the sacrifices I have made to try and be the best fighter I can be. It has taught me to expect the unexpected and take everything with a grain of salt just because you see something one way doesn’t mean that the way it is. Overall I would like to be remembered for the exciting fights that I have giving the crowd a guy then went out and put it on the line every time.”

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26 September 2011

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