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Where Are They Now: Duane Ludwig Discusses his Self-Development and UFC on Versus 5 Bout with Amir Sadollah

Monta Wiley
01 August 2011
Where Are They Now: Duane Ludwig Discusses his Self-Developm...

With a fight career that has lasted for the past 17 years, UFC veteran Duane “Bang” Ludwig has never been afraid of putting his skills to the test against his opponents.

In fact, it is those challenges that have contributed to his growth and helped him become the man he is today. With an upcoming fight on the horizon at UFC versus 5 and other projects in the works, USCS sat down with Ludwig to talk about his future endeavors and how his journey through MMA has helped his growth.

With an extensive background in Muay Thai, how do you think this attribute has helped you throughout your career?

Duane: With all the training that I have done in Muay Thai and the paths that I have crossed with it has taught me a lot. How to train, fight when tired, fight through injuries, read my opponents breathing patterns, pick up on footwork mistakes and such, timing, the clinch work has really transferred over well and most importantly, I’ve been taught that I am a fighter, 100%.

With MMA being a mixture of various disciplines such as BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing, and Muay Thai; was the transition easy to make and how were you able to adapt to it?

Duane: Transition was a mental thing more then anything, understanding that I need to attack in all areas rather then thinking oh my god, don’t go there or do this or that.

Fighting for so long what has kept you motivated all this time?

Duane: My journey has been going for 17 years. My motivation has changed and it goes and comes depending on opponent and situation in my life. All in all, martial arts is my life, since I was a kid, I have always loved the Martial arts and still do. It’s all about self development and sharing knowledge. Finding out who you are in this and that situation like Renzo Gracie says, “when I die, I will know exactly who I am” and very few people can honestly say that.

Speaking of sharing knowledge. Being an instructor, how important is it for you to pass your knowledge on to others?

Duane: Passing on my knowledge is very important. I know way too much not to teach. It’s my duty also. When I train someone, depending on their purpose for attending my class or seminar, I will give them info that could save their lives in many ways and or teach them that critical step that could win them a world title.

Expanding your horizons, you also started Bang Muay Thai. Can you tell us about you organization?

Duane: My BANG Muay Thai is based a lot off of the Dutch Muay Thai system and not so much traditional Muay Thai. I’m very open though because we are each individual athletes and with that, we all perform and react a little bit different and these things need to be looked into. I have a few affiliates right now and it’s giving academies full access to me and my system, bringing in a ranking system and a curriculum to the academies.

Who are some of the affiliate academies that have joined BANG Muay Thai?

Duane: I have affiliates in Butte Montana, Rochester NY  ( Empire Academy ),and Fargo, North Dakota (Fargo BJJ ).

You have an upcoming fight against Amir Sadollah, how has your preparation been for the fight and what do you think the win will do for your career?

Duane: Preparation has gone very smooth, I’m improving a lot I feel. I’ve changed a few things in my training. Mainly, I’ve changed my thought process. Winning a fight over Amir brings me into the spotlight for sure. Amir is a very well known fighter right now and has had great success with all that he does. He’s been a guy that I’ve looked at for a while for tips and I’ve been studying him as an opponent for some time now.

Do you have any future goals you wish to accomplish?

Duane: Future goals are to stay in the UFC and keep fighting for as long as I can, like I said, it gives me life. Keep teaching and sharing what I have learned over the years.

Finally what has this journey through the sport taught you about yourself?

Duane: My journey of the martial arts has taught me that I love a challenge but I will not always face those challenges unless they come to me. In order for me to go 100%, I need trainers and opponents to take me there. Fighting gives me life.There were times that I wanted to step away from fighting and did so but was not happy. Fighting seriously gives me life.

Fighting has taught me that I’m a warrior with a strong will. I’ve fought with broken hands, basically a broken jaw, separated shoulder and countless other injuries that would make other fighters step aside. On that same note though, I’ve taken fights that I should not have. I’ve taken a few short notice fights, some turned out as wins, some as loses. Looking back, I wish I would have said no, I need a proper training camp for this or no, my hand is not 100% healed and so on.

Well that wraps things up. Do you have any shout outs or anything you would like to say to your fans?

Duane: Thank you for being behind me.

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01 August 2011

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