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USCS Military Spotlight: William Ewers Reveals Challenging Journey to Amateur MMA

Monta Wiley
20 February 2013
USCS Military Spotlight: William Ewers Reveals Challenging J...

Given the scenario there is nothing like that surge of adrenaline rushing through the body that makes one fully prepared to face any challenge placed in front of them. The desire for change is always a driving incentive that can motivate anyone to tackle any endeavor without fear of danger in hopes of fulfilling their personal goals.

William Ewers didn't choose the easy path of travel in his life and it is that decision that has transformed him into becoming the remarkable U.S. Marine and progressive MMA fighter he is today.

Life growing up in Rossvillie, Kansas always offered its share of many activities for one to engage in. With farm chores, wrestling, and various competitions amongst his peers as his supported base these early experiences would trigger a passion within Ewers for testing himself against any obstacle he comes in contact with.

“While growing up, I had no formal fight training or instruction,” he said. However, years of working on the farm has made me very strong for my size, so in any wrestling match or competition among friends, I was almost always the winner. These early experiences in fighting made me realize that I love physical confrontation and having the strength, skill and discipline to protect myself and loved ones, and to overcome opponents and difficulties.”

Possessing these fighter-like traits it would only seem fitting for this farm boy from Kansas to desiring in progressing further with his development to becoming a stronger individual. Making the huge transition with his enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2010 the new venture would offer Ewers many benefits through his journey of self-discovery.

“I made this decision to join the United States Marine Corps for several reasons: to pay for college, to get out on my own and make something of myself, to defend my country, and especially to become a trained warrior and fighter.”

Going through boot camp and the school of infantry, Ewers determination for testing himself would lead him to enrolling in the Basic Reconnaissance Course with the aspiring pursuit of becoming a Recon Marine.

Regrettably being medically dropped from the class due to severe injuries he sustained during the grueling training process, for the first time ever Ewers failed to come out on top with a challenge put in front of him. This failure to live up to his expectations would cause the Kansas native to experience the agonizing sensation of disappointment which left him in a dark and uncertain period in his life.

“After being dropped from BRC, I was in a very dark state of mind. Up to this point, I had never failed to reach any goal I had set for myself, and this failure, although not my fault made me depressed and angry.”

Picking up the pieces from his major setback, Ewers would later go on to uncover a new source of physical combat. Introduced to mixed martial arts fighting by fellow serviceman Ian Lawler, the new field of combat training would not only give the Marine a new set of aspiring goals toward pushing as an athlete but it also offered him a new lease on life during the hard times he was going through.

“I met my coach, Ian Lawler, a professional MMA fighter, and winner of multiple competitions. We became good friends and he started teaching me BJJ and MMA. Through Ian, I continued learning MMA and BJJ and overcame my personal problems and gained a new look on life.”

Balancing life as a Marine and his athletics may seem like a hectic schedule to contend with. Nevertheless throughout the deployments and morning military duties Ewers always formulates methods in finding way to train which as lead him great success in the grappling circuit and time in preparing for his first amateur fight career.

“Trying to do fight training while in the Fleet Marine Forces, presents unique challenges. As a military service member, your life is not your own, and there are many times I am only able to train at odd times and places. Examples of this are: on a soft piece of dirt after running a shooting range, waking up at 4 a.m., to go train because I had accountability formation at six, in a friend's garage, and on mats in a driveway well after the sun went down.”

Without a challenge what is the point in evolving? Without a challenge how can one discover the unknown possibilities buried inside of them? Staying in one place in his life has not gotten  Ewers to where he is today. From the beginning stages in that little town in Kansas to his pursing fight career through the good, the bad, and the ugly times the learning process has benefited him quite well thus far in his journey.

Whether it’s battling an opponent in the cage, working the fields in Kansas, or serving his country William Ewers eagerness and fearless for challenging himself will allow him to excel on every front which showcases the marksmanship of a true life champion.

William Ewers Special Thanks: I'd like to give special thanks to my close friends and training partners: "Cash" and "D", and especially Ian Lawler and his family, who have always been there for me no matter what.

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20 February 2013

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