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Undefeated Scranton MMA’s Gary Peters Prepares to Battle Jake Gombocz at 'PA Cage Fight 13'

Monta Wiley
31 July 2012
Undefeated Scranton MMA’s Gary Peters Prepares to Battle Jak...

The concrete purpose of mixed martial arts has always centered on the theory of athletes pushing themselves to reach their ultimate potential in the ascent to the top. Recently making the transition from amateur to pro competition, Scranton MMA superstar Gary "Mr. Freeze" Peters is another figure embarking on his new voyage as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

Inspired to train in martial arts since his first viewing of Royce Gracie's performance in the UFC his entry into the sport would find the 29-year-old consumed in the fighting lifestyle helping him build confidence and positivity within himself.

Starting MMA in 2008, Peters began building his fight experience with eight amateur fights. With a total package of consistency, devotion, and passion the conversion to pro was not a difficult alteration for Gary Peters.

This dedication ultimately produced great results in his professional debut against Billy Dee Williams at PA Fight Cage 11 as "Mr. Freeze" went on to dominate the opposition scoring an unanimous decision in the encounter.

"My coaches and teammates have a large influence on how well I do in the cage. They push me every day and help develop game plans based on my strengths," Peters told US Combat Sports Reporter Monta Wiley.

"I am generally a very calm/humble person so it's natural to me to stay relaxed and execute my plans. Looking back I would have liked to push more to finish the fight but with it being my pro debut I wanted to secure the win and use it as a learning experience. Being able to go the distance confirmed to me that cardio would not be my limiting factor."

Although victorious in the battle over Williams the win has motivated Gary to push even harder in his expansion as a fighter. Like a sprung soaking up mass amounts of water Peter realizes he is still a work in progress openly entering each training session at Scranton MMA with the objective of receiving all the fight knowledge he can obtain from his instructors and training partners.

"The fight itself is kind of a blur but even in victory I come away from each fight with a handful of things to work on. Because of how diverse your skill set needs to be for MMA you will never be able to master all of the disciplines involved. I truly believe the more skilled and better prepared fighter will win."

Hoping to expand his education Peters has also sought out guidance from beyond the walls of his fight academy. Touring to Massachusetts he would receive the distinct privilege of training and learning from top UFC Middleweight contender Jorge Rivera. The collaboration with the world-class athlete would provide the Pennsylvania native with not only a memorable moment but also a new outlook on the untouched potential he is still gradually unlocking.

Interacting with many aspiring hopefuls that walk through his doors from analyzing Gary's well rounded skills from his stand-up to his ground game the UFC star Jorge Rivera foresees a great future in this young man's career as a fighter.

"He (Gary Peters) is very ambitious, "said Rivera. "He is still young and has a lot of room to grow however I know if he believes in himself he could be really good in this sport."

Clearly evolving at a rapid pace in his early pro stages Gary now sets his sights on his second professional fight against Jake Gombocz at "Cage Fight 13". Clearly a different individual from his last encounter now equipped with a strong utility in his arsenal Peters is clearly focused on the upcoming task at hand as he looks to bulldoze through the next obstruction in his journey to the top.

"I feel more relaxed leading into this fight. I expect to win 100% of the time so I always give my all with fight preparation. Over the years I've discovered what works for me and how I should program my training week. I fully understand what type of fighter I am and what my strengths and weaknesses are. The person who wins the fight is the one that can impose their will. I plan on doing exactly that on August 10th."

"I live, eat and sleep this sport and could not imagine it not being in my life. Within the past year I feel like I have accomplished and learned so many things. My time is now and I refuse to let my potential go to waste."

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31 July 2012

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