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Team Wildman Fighter Josh Cavan Reveals How Being Passionate Has Aided his Fight Career

Monta Wiley
19 June 2012
Josh Cavan - US Combat Sports

Fulfilling one's life commitment to a profession stems from being passionate about what one does. Passion is the guiding compass through the good and bad times in order to reach your goals throughout the journey.

In a competitive atmosphere like mixed martial arts, having passion is critical in order to handle the winding road this sport throws at its participant. Striving to reach his own pinnacle of greatness as a fighter, Team Wildman representative Josh Cavan is an individual that truly has a passion for his job. After all it clearly explains the trailblazing success he has generated thus far in his career.

As far back as he can remember Cavan has always had an attraction for physical sports due to its competitive nature. Committing his early life to the sport of hockey – until experiencing a number of unfilled promises and let downs -- Josh gave up on his pro aspirations in search of a new pastime to revive his love for competition.

Later taking on the role as a a high school hockey coach during his free time Cavan would take small MMA classes at a local gym in an effort to keep himself active and in shape. Training at the facility on one occasion the gym would get a visit from an unlikely group of fight visitors that would soon change his life forever.

Clouded in curiosity about the group presence Josh introduced himself to the leader of the team which turned out to be well respected fight veteran and Team Wildman head instructor Thomas Denny. After a brief conversation Denny extended an offer for Josh to participate in their MMA workout.

In that moment in time the ultimate challenge of being beaten and pummeled by his opposing training partner ignited a burning desire in Josh for more wealth, knowledge, and growth giving the new prospect a new calling in the form of mixed martial arts fighting.

"Something told me to walk up to them and introduce myself," Cavan recalled. "When I introduced myself and asked if I could train with them, the coach responded, 'Sure! I'm Thomas (Thomas Denny). We are going to do some shadow boxing and then hard sparring'. I've sparred before but nothing like this. There was a guy who went in the cage before me...about a minute later, he had a broken nose and hyper extended arm. I heard 'Josh, you're up', thinking to myself you only live once. After a few rounds, I had a bloody nose, bloody mouth and one big smile. I thanked the guys (Bryan Baker, Mando Montoya and Marcus Edwards) and said I haven't had that much fun in a long time. This is when I knew MMA was for me."

Since his introduction to MMA that faithful day at the local gym Josh Cavan has become consumed with the fighter lifestyle. Even burdened with the task of balancing a full time job outside the gym in financing this factor has done little to deteriorate his development as a fighter. Putting in countless hours in the gym training for fights through the good and bad days of preparation for the former hockey player it is all a part of the cycle he is willing to go through in order to fulfill his ambitions in the fight game.

Prepared for any challenge that comes his way this fighter is always equipped mentally and physically for any competitor he faces in the cage. This passion for his profession allows Josh to march to the cage fearlessly confident his abilities and capable of withstanding any onslaught the enemy will throw at him. Pouring his heart and soul into all of his tough battles whether victorious or suffering the agony of defeat it is the adrenaline rush of combat that makes Cavan so passionate about what this life has offered him.

"Talk about a feeling! When I walk out to the cage it's game time. I know the preparation is there; it's just time to execute. I walk out and hear the crowd erupt. Once we touch gloves time slows down. I know my team has prepared me well, I just need to stick to my game plan and take care of business.

"I have been in a few wars. One in particular where I got caught with a knee was bleeding pretty bad from my head. I couldn't see and was getting punched from above. I just started smiling. I felt so alive at that moment. So many people go through life not truly feeling what it feels to be alive. The combination of that, being able to inspire people (especially my little brothers) and getting my hand raised definitely make it worth it."

As he continues his ascent to the top Cavan's passion for what he does is so great that it can literally be felt by those that come in contact with him. Many fans and close loved ones have become moved and fascinated by this warrior's remarkable effort he puts into what he does. With this added incentive it has only given Cavan more purpose to push forward to motivate his family, friends, and fans that believe in him.

"I have been blessed with the ability to inspire others to pursue their passion. I have gotten numerous emails and even letters from strangers telling me how I have helped them go after their goals. I have also been told this from my friends and also my family. I think it has to do with the how hard I work to make my dreams a reality. It takes so much dedication and sacrifice to be successful. You are constantly training to better yourself at every fascist of the sport.

"With my brothers, they have seen me at my lowest when I never got my shot in hockey, and how I came across MMA and took it full boar. I feel it has helped them realize that if one door shuts on you, others will open and has given them more faith in achieving their goals having said that, watching their work ethic, they inspire me just as much."

It is said that when one door closes another is bond to open. Unlocking the gate in his pursuit as a fighter has blessed Josh with many opportunities that have brought new meaning and reason to his life. Far from reaching his full potential Josh continues his push in hope of reaching the ultimate fighting pinnacle of becoming a champion in the UFC .Aside from his personal goals Josh also aims to make a difference in the community through a future establishment for a charitable foundation for at risk youth to help guide them down the right path.

"I have numerous goals in MMA. My short term goal is to become a full-time fighter where I focus on nothing but training. After that, my long term goal is to be UFC champion one day. I know it is a long and windy road but I'm willing to do what needs to get done. I would also like to start my own charity for at risk children. I want to give back to the community as much as it has given me and give kids opportunity to make something of themselves."

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Josh Cavan’s Special Thanks

Josh Cavan: I would like to thank you (USCS) for reaching out to me and interviewing me. I would also like to thank God,, Wolf Auto, method CrossFit, Brawlin Combat Gear, Anthony's Pizza & Pasta, American Paintball Coliseum, Mile High Harley-Davidson, Seth Daniels, Fight to Win, So Ill Wrestling Gear, my coach Thomas Denny and training partners at Team Wildman and Pariah MMA, my family and friends for their support.

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20 June 2012

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